Keroué & Caballero paint their dreams with “Felice”


Keroué has just unveiled the first extract from his solo project Eckmühl. With Caballero, the track “Felice” is a dreamlike journey.

The Parisian rapper has already proven himself with “KER” and “Vésuve”. Today, Keroué unveils the first extract from his new solo EP, Eckmühl. Available on July 8, its audience can now stream the single “Felice”, with Caballero.

Close for many years, the two rappers enter into artistic fusion on a no drums to the repetitive sample. An introspective title that suggests a project filled with personal questioning, and above all daydreaming. In the clip, produced by the TKSH collective, Keroué and Caba stroll through the streets of Brussels, in the dark night palely lit by streetlights. Unreal effects, from blurry to pixelated images, give the impression of a dreamlike journey.

At the beginning of April, Keroué already unveiled “KER”, a single with drill sounds and lyrics with an egotrip vibe. Directed by Alba, on a composition by DEHLO, the black and white clip with simple and quick shots reflected the universe that listeners know of the Parisian rapper: kick, rhymes and attitude.

Recently, Fixpen member Emeritus Sill released a new clipped single, “Vesuvius”. On a prod by his lifelong sidekick, Vidji, all mastered by Sheldon, Keroué reveals a much more singular title. Shot in Costa Rica, the superbly colored clip teases the public a little more. However, the rapper recently announced that these would only be bonus tracks, and not excerpts from the project.

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Keroué: an incomparable universe

“Asleep for a while but I wake up just like Vesuvius / you want to know the end of the story, you haven’t even read the prelude”. Discovered in 2011 with the EP The Meaning Of The Formula, the Fixpen Sill join the collective 5 Majeur with Hors II scope and Nekfeu. Their debut album was released in 2016, followed by an EP and their latest project, FLAGreleased on October 4, 2019. Keroué seems determined to write the rest of the story.

Since their debut, the Fixpen Sill have had a reputation for rapping “the old fashioned way”. With FLAG, the duo takes a step towards a certain evolution. So what can audiences expect from Keroué’s first solo project? More privacy, we hope. But above all to colorful pieces, a refined tracklist alternating between softness and kickage and the brilliant flow to which the skilful rapper has accustomed us.

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