Kevin Feige’s Star Wars could be a completely new and separate story


Recently, it seems as if the majority of the mainstream star Wars Stories, whether they are in movies or shows, tend to gravitate toward familiar things. While there are new characters at play, the stories told around them often retold the old ones. Even if the stories were new, they often gave up new characters in favor of established ones who had already enjoyed the spotlight for many years. But what if that changed?

Kevin Feige, the big boss behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is currently ready to develop his own world star Wars A movie sometime in the near future, featuring a script from a writer loki, no less. That alone should be enough to pique a few ears, given how Marvel Studios shows over the past decade and a half have captivated everyone somewhat. But according to Michael Waldron, the aforementioned loki Screenwriter (who has also worked on Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness), fans may have another good reason to be excited.

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When speaking with Den of Geek, Waldron let go of a few select words that indicate a more independent experience with the upcoming one. star Wars movie compared to its predecessors. It’s coming, it’s good to have some time to focus on it,” Waldron said when asked about the film’s progress. “It’s fun to do something new and innovative, and I’m excited to work with Kevin again and with the team at Lucasfilm. I love star Wars. It’s an explosion. The concepts ‘modern’ and ‘original’ may not be the first choice for many people to describe when it comes to star Warsat least aside from refreshing creative entries like Rian Johnson last serious. So this is an interesting possibility.

Waldron also recently spoke with Variety and made some similar comments about it star Wars Film during an interview full of spoilers regarding Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness. “We’re finally getting into it in earnest,” he said when the topic briefly moved to it. star Wars. “I mean, I write away. It’s so much fun. I enjoy the freedom to do something that’s not necessarily a sequel or anything. It’s probably a little less than – it’s not.” We have a bunch of TV shows and movies to make on top of it, the way I did Dr. Gharib. So he is cute. It feels like a different exercise. “Words here are the lack of shows and movies that would lead to the new movie.

While Feige and Waldron’s concept star Wars The movie hasn’t been fully confirmed featuring an original story, it would be a perfect opportunity for whoever gets involved. Being in charge of the MCU, Feige is particularly adept at augmenting mainstream appeal. So while last serious Still divisive among fans for its particularly ambitious approach, this new film has the opportunity to reach even more fans. If you end up doing something new with star Wars With global approval as well, it could open the door for more original stories and characters to move forward rather than the reworks that saturate the series now.

Maybe a little too optimistic, maybe such a situation could put Johnson off star Wars The trilogy is gaining more attention and making its way back onto the timeline. This is not to mention another coming star Wars A film by Taika Waititi, which is almost guaranteed to do some unexpected things with the material. However, it turns out that the future of the franchise holds a lot of hope.

The star Wars The saga is now available on Disney Plus.

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