Kim Kardashian reveals ‘stalker’ threat to kill Pete Davidson


Kim Kardashian reveals the obsessed “Stalker” who threatened to kill Pete Davidson, her lover. What a crazy fan! Well, Kardashian is very popular all over the world. These days, Kim and Pete are both making headlines as a couple, and fans just can’t get over them. Now, she claims to receive more than 30 spam messages allegedly sent by a fan. Things weren’t that easy. why? The person threatened her with the murder of her family, making sure of the fact that her boyfriend, Pete, and the children are in danger. Let’s learn more about the case.

Kim Kardashian reveals stalker who threatened to kill Pete Davidson
Kim kardashian

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Kim Kardashian reveals ‘stalker’ threat to kill Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian’s attorney was Sean Holly, who laid out the specific worrisome threats made by a fan or stalker. The person is reported to have written “Pete Must and Will Die this weekend and you next weekend.” Not only that, but the stalker also made several violent threats against Kim Kardashian. He threatened her with sexual comments about her and her friends. Also, in one of his letters, Kim threatened to imprison her family. These were all related to the personal messages she had already received. Some messages were also sent to her trading house that there were bomb threats. There have been many false and fictitious allegations about her relationships.

The evidence was submitted to a Los Angeles-based judge, who issued a temporary restraining order against the stalker. This dangerous and crazy fan has been ordered not to contact or harass any of the celebrities in any way. On June 13, Kim Kardashian will hold a hearing to receive a permanent restraining order.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have been meeting each other since October 2021. People shower them with a lot of love, and they really look great together. It is still unknown who this crazy stalker is. While these legal cases work in court, she was in Italy with her children for Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding.

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