Kingdom Hearts 4 must embrace the raw power of Donald Duck


Although he may be humble, Donald Duck from Kingdom Hearts is one of the most powerful mages in Square Enix history, and this should be taken into account in KH4.

Although Square Enix recently revealed Kingdom Hearts 4It will likely be some time before fans learn more. Editing period is not given, know the duration Kingdom Hearts 3 It was under development (although KH4 It shouldn’t take long), you’ll probably be at least a few years away.

It seems that Sora is in a completely different world, as the girl he wakes up in Kingdom Hearts 4 The trailer refers to him as a kind of afterlife for their kind. What all this means will undoubtedly be revealed throughout the story, as Donald and Goofy seemingly search for a way to get to Sora (possibly getting closer to Hades in Kingdom Hearts 4 Short film review. There is no doubt that the trio will be reunited, and when they are, the game should embrace the magical power of Donald Duck.

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Kingdom Hearts 4: Donald Duck is an Uber-Powerful Magic user

Donald Duck may not seem like much, but he is one of the most powerful magical users in Square Enix history. He can cast a spell called Zettaflare, which has only been used twice before in all Square Enix titles: once in Bravely default And once in Final Fantasy 14.

at Bravely defaultmany alternate realities are destroyed, while Terraflare is destroyed in Bahamut in Final Fantasy 14 (It was a big step up from Zettaflare) It’s still powerful enough to create a disaster and essentially reboot a video game. Zettaflare is used later and, while not as dramatic, is in theory even stronger.

Therefore, Donald Duck is one of the most powerful mages in Square Enix. He is the third user of Zettaflare, used during a battle with Terranort in Kingdom Hearts 3 to erase it completely. The fact that the latter survived speaks to his power, not the power of the spell, as Donald and Goofy urged Donald not to use that spell. Now, that doesn’t mean Donald has to cycle and drop the Zetaflares left and right. Even using one in Kingdom Hearts 4 He might be too close and he might get away from the horror of that moment/power of the spell.

But if Donald can act Zetaflar, he probably has a lot of secrets hidden up his sleeve. Mickey and Donald seem to understand his power, and it’s better for Square Enix to push this further into the lead in the Kingdom Hearts 4Story, tales, deeds and more. Sora and the gang face a new threat, and while that threat’s ultimate existence has yet to emerge, Donald Duck is a powerful wizard who can bend facts, defend his friends with a huge library of epic spells, and take on a more serious role (while maintaining his unique brand of humor). ) in the next game.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Under development.

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