Law & Order Season 21 Episode 10 Summary


Law & Order Episode 21
Law & Order Episode 21

It was a fine revival of Law & Order season 21 episode 10, with a spin-off with SVU live at the end of the season starring Mariska Hargitay as Benson. Dick Wolf’s original series has long since been revived, after a lengthy process that got Wolfe into a deal with NBC and Universal TV that made his company, Wolf Entertainment, stay on the network for another five years.

The result is this show, and more interactions and crossovers with other shows in the Law & Order franchise to mix things up a bit. Dick Wolf remains as executive producer and Rick Eid is now show director. Finally, the series will return for the twenty-second season next year! Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the episode synopsis.

Law & Order Season 21 Episode 10 Summary

Off-duty detective James Jimmy Doyle was killed in Law & Order Season 21 Episode 10. It was Det. Cosgrove’s friend, he took it personally. Detectives learned of his girlfriend, Mrs. Gates, when they interviewed his wife, Heather Doyle. It was a black woman who told detectives about the tension in their relationship since she dated a white policeman in a brutally tense police environment.

Law & Order Season 21
Anthony Anderson in Law & Order

The investigation led to another man who had previously dated the woman and stalked her, telling the police that he heard two gunshots and then saw a white man running down the street. Surveillance footage confirmed his story, and they soon tracked down fugitive Scott Gleicher.


Gleacher was in the area because he was honored at an event for an organization he founded. While investigating him, Gleacher obstructed the police, allowing them to investigate his group for empowering young women. They also spotted Regina Daniels, his 19-year-old girlfriend. Her older sister Kendra Daniels shut down the cops when she asked Benard about her recent strands and bruises on her temples.

Afterwards, Gleicher was again checked by the police, and claimed to know who had shut down Det. Doyle in exchange for immunity. Lieutenant Dixon insisted that Ada Marron negotiate a plea agreement with the defendant to apprehend a police killer. The DA office gave Gleacher immunity, telling them that when he went to see Regina that night, her sister Kendra approached him, warned him to stay away from her sister, and then drew a gun toward him. Glasher rushed their way after hearing Doyle introduce himself. Gleicher fled after hearing two gunshots.

Three investigation

Detectives came to Kendra’s house to get her story, but she did not tell the truth, and arrested her because they had blood evidence on her shirt. Commander McGrath spoke with D.A. McCoy and expressed his desire for justice for Doyle’s death. He also intended to send a message: Kill an officer in New York, and you will be held captive for the rest of your life.
The prosecution and McCoy discussed the case, and McCoy ordered Price to follow the evidence. Price could not raise the issue of race because there was no further evidence against the defendant.

Fee Introduction

Bryce Kendra was charged with aggravated premeditated murder in court. She was locked up in prison on $3 million bail. Police officers at the hearing were angry, calling Price a “coward”. Cosgrove then appealed to Price about not being prosecuted for first-degree murder. He claimed that it was because she was black and appeared to have been slapped on the wrist. Price explained his problem, but Cosgrove refused to listen. Benard intervened to placate Cosgrove, then praised Price for opposing the NYPD to pursue the law.

Law & Order Season 21 Episode 10
Mariska Hargitay appeared as a guest in this episode

Racism theme

The defense undoubtedly played the race issue, putting up an internal affairs investigation into his past racist statements. The judge allowed the two investigations in the case to be used as context. Defense portrayed Doyle as a racist. The prosecution showed that no charges had been brought against Doyle, and that the accused had committed horrific crimes, presumably looking for a scapegoat for their misdeeds. Heather appealed to the prosecution for allowing the defense to discredit her past. As a result, they decided to invite Doyle’s girlfriend to the podium to show off his personality.

When Kendra entered the stage, she explained to the defense why she had not followed his instructions. She told him that she had a gun, and that the look in his eyes frightened her. Furthermore, she didn’t want her to end up like the countless dead who died due to the excessive enthusiasm of the police. It also defended itself. The prosecution showed how Kendra abandoned Det. Doyle dies. The jury found Kendra not guilty of first degree murder but convicted of second degree manslaughter!

Law & Order Season 21 Episode 10 Release Date

Law & Order Season 21 Episode 10 was released on Thursday, May 19, 2022 at 20:00 EST on NBC. First, the 43-minute episode was titled Black and Blue, directed by Eric La Salle from a script written by Rick Ed and Dick Wolf. This marks the end of the season to revive this show.

Law & Order Season 21 Trailer

Where do you see law and order?

Law & Order airs on NBC on Thursdays at 20:00 ET, US. Second, you can stream the show from Hulu, Peacock Premium, Fubo TV, Spectrum on Demand, AMC+, and DirecTV. Finally, the offer is available for purchase from Apple iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store, and Vudu Fandango.

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