Legendary Violet/Crimson Pokemon will be disposable

A new report from a popular leaker indicates that the next title in the Pokémon series, Scarlet and Violet, will feature the legendary Ridiculous Pokémon.

Next address in Pokemon The series may see the return of riding Pokémon to the franchise, allowing players to craft legendary Pokémon for gaming.

As I mentioned DualShockersRiddler Khoo, a prominent leaked Pokemon, who revealed accurate information about the future Pokemon Games for some time, claimed that the legendary Pokemon in scarlet pokemon And Pokemon Violet Both will be deliverable. Rideable Pokémon was introduced as a way to navigate an open world Pokemon Legends Arceusso it makes sense that the following entry, which appears to simulate Arceus“The open world format with its own expanded map, will reuse the mechanic.

Riddler Khu’s tweet says they consider both designs a “10/10” Legend, saying they prefer Violetspell (or, in their own words, “I really like the grape version.”), but both Pokémon will be mechanically identical (“the orange acts like a grape”). While both designs are excellent, Kho says that violetLegendary has a more interesting and unique idea.

Pokemon scarlet/violet It was announced in February with a trailer highlighting the new generation setup, an unnamed region based on Spain, and a handful of new Pokémon designs. The starters have been revealed – an adorable fire-pepper lizard called Fuecoco, a weedy-themed cat called Sprigatito and an exotic duck Quaxly – but the legendary Pokémon and all the other new additions to the game remain secret.

There was a lot of Pokemon Recently released games to satisfy the need for a new game. Reproducing one of the series’ most beloved eras, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining PearlIt was released last November. Two months later, in January 2022, Pokemon Legends Arceus It was released, bringing a new open world design philosophy to the series, which scarlet / violet will be repeated on. Both games have received updates – shining diamond / shining pearl I recently received a new online mode, both games have recently been updated with Pokemon home Compatibility.

Outside of the initial teaser and some high-quality offers for newbies, not much has been officially revealed about the upcoming announcement Pokemon generation. scarlet pokemon And Pokemon Violet It is expected to be released sometime in 2022, although some have expressed concern that the release date is too close because the release date Pokemon The franchise needs a vacation from constant updates. scarlet pokemon And Pokemon Violet It will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch when the games launch.

source: DualShockers

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