Legends of Tomorrow’s Caity Lotz reveals canceled Season 8 plans

The legends of tomorrow in the capital Star Caity Lotz has opened up about where the CW series would have gone had it renewed for another season.

Speaking at Motor City Comic Con during a session with fellow Arrowverse star Katie Cassidy, Lutz discussed her history with the series after its sudden cancellation, as well as plot points that could have been explored in the planned eighth season. As expected, legends Season 8 could have gone exactly where Season 7 left, capturing our heroes along with Donald Faison’s Booster Gold.

“Um… we’d be in prison,” Lutz explained. “So, basically we were kind of… [be] Learn how to be responsible…time masters, so to speak, or, you know, time travelers, like retraining. “According to Lutz, this planned retraining would see the Legends given the responsibility of supervising the training of many of the time travel students.” So they would put us in jail, with a bunch of young cadets and stuff, and then us old school students, like, “We know how to do all of this! “

However, in custom legends Fashion, things were going to go awry, with the team not taking on their new roles as mentors. But we’re doing everything wrong,” Lutz said before going ahead to confirm the planned continuity of other plot points like Sarah’s pregnancy, as well as Booster Gold, whose introduction was meant to secure another season of the series.

“And then we have the whole Booster Gold story which I thought would be very interesting…but that’s kind of all I know about it,” she said. “Then of course, yeah, baby Ava and Sarah.”

After the show was canceled late last month, the cast and crew were met with an overwhelming amount of support from the fan base. When The CW recently announced its Fall 2022 lineup, fans took to Twitter with the hashtag “#SaveLegendsofTomorrow,” campaigning for the series to have a final and eighth season to wrap up its events. legends He was preceded in the cancellation by fellow series Arrowverse batuman They were later joined by many other shows, the latest being Naomianother DC property whose first season just aired.

source: Motor City Comic Convia cosmic circus

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