Leto announces collaboration with Ed Sheeran


As part of the “global remixes” of his track “2step”, Ed Sheeran will pass through France to collaborate with Leto. Released this Friday, May 13.

Franco-European collaborations have been on the rise lately. While Gazo shocked England with his unstoppable verse on the remix of ‘Calypso’ and ‘Eurovision’ sent Freeze Corleone and Ashe 22 numbers skyrocketing, now it’s Leto’s turn to take the plunge. game. It was on his Instagram account that Leto announced the news. On this Friday, May 13, the Parisian rapper will collaborate with Ed Sheeran on the remix of the track “2step”.

Ed Sheeran: collaborations around the world

Released on October 29, 2021, alongside Ed Sheeran’s fifth album, the track “2step” was one of the album’s biggest hits. Especially since he had a prestigious second life, since Ed Sheeran was exported to the United States alongside Lil Baby to breathe new life into his title. The collaboration having met with great success, the British singer has therefore decided to reproduce the operation throughout the world under a fairly clear name: “Global Remixes“.

After the Ukrainians Antytila, the Finnish Elinoora, the Italian Ultimo, the Swedish 1.Cuz and the Australian Budjerah, Ed Sheeran and “2step” will still go through Brazil, Ireland and therefore France. And it was Leto who was chosen as the representative of France, and we hope to see the rapper shine. Because if some collaborations are quite forgettable, the Swedish 1.Cuz has set the bar quite high. It’s up to Leto to rise to the occasion now.

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