Life On Mars Cast: A world full of wonders from time travel


Melting life on Mars
Life on Mars. CR: Autokart

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on Mars? Well, this is a dream for many people, and to get to the point where humanity can actually live on Mars, we will have to wait patiently for a long time. But in the world of K-dramas, anything is possible. The title may be misleading, but K-drama Life on Mars is an amazingly funny and romantic drama where anything is possible – including time travel! Keep reading to learn more about the Life on Mars team.

Life on Mars follows forensic expert Han Tae Joo, played by Jung Kyung Ho, the person who trusts data more than people. Han Tae Joo seems to be an unfeeling robot. But one fine day, when Han Tae Joo encounters an accident, he finds that he has been transported back in time to 1988! In order to return to his original timeline, he decides to solve a serial killer case. This would help him return to the future.

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Cast life on Mars:

Jung Kyung Ho as Han Tae Joo

Jung Kyung Ho plays Han Tae Joo, a forensic expert. He trusts data more than people, but after an accident, he goes back in time. People may know who is Jung Kyung Ho based on his most popular role as Doctor Kim Joon Wan in Hospital Playlist, and he has received critical acclaim for his role in Hospital Playlist and Life on Mars.

Throws life on Mars
Jung Kyung Ho. CR: Management Alum

Park Sung Woong as Kang Dong Chul

Kang Dong Chul is just like Han Tae Joo, but instead of focusing on evidence and data, he prefers to trust his intuition and instincts to guide him in the case. He is also the head of the killing team. As an actor, Park Sung Woong has acted in many notable Korean dramas such as Snowdrop, The Smile Left Your Eyes, Crash Landing on You, and Welcome to Waikiki.

Throws life on Mars
Park Sung Woong. cr: C-JeS Entertainment

Go Ah Sung as Yoon Na You

Go Ah Sung plays Yoon Na Young, a passionate detective who dreams of making it big in the investigation world. Go Ah Sung worked with director Bong Joon Ho on his movie “The Host,” and many, including the director himself, praised him for being able to express a lot of mature emotions as well. She worked with director Bong Joon Ho on his first English-language film, Snowpiercer. She was also in the critical and commercially successful film Samjin Company English Class.

life on mars cast (2)
Go ah sung. CR: Allure Korea

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Oh Dae Hwan as Lee Young Ji

Oh Dae Hwan plays Lee Yong Gi, who is a stalwart in the detective department, but he is known for his really bad temper, so people avoid him at all costs. As an actress, Oh Dar Hwan has already acted in some major films and TV shows. He starred as Jo In Sung on “Shopaholic Louis” and Lee Young Jae on Radiant Office, along with co-star Go Ah Sung.

Oh Dae Hwan.

Noh Jong Hyun as Jo Nam Sik

Noh Jong Hyun plays Jo Nam Sik, who is the team’s youngest detective. He made his television debut as the younger brother of the main heroine in the drama Because This Is My First Life. He later appeared in the drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” and later played the role of best friend in the drama “He is Psychometric”. Most importantly, Noh Jong Hyun is all set to star in “Youth” based on the BTS Universe.

Noh Jong Hyun. CR: OCN

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