LIM makes you hallucinate with a fabulous freestyle in improvisation


Guest in the fifth episode of 59′ Inside with Driver and ZKR, LIM stunned the guests with a superb improvisational freestyle.

With twenty-five years of rap in the paws, LIM has nothing more to prove. But still, sometimes you never really get used to it. Invited on the occasion of 59′ Inside Featured by Driver on Zkr’s YouTube channel, LIM launched into a captivating improvisational freestyle. The rules, imposed by the host, were simple: he delivers a word to him and he launches a verse from it in stride. LIM more than folded the exercise.

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With a reflection time of barely less than a second, the rapper connects the measures, sometimes in rich rhymes and above all always including background in his lyrics. An outstanding MC, he stole the show in this fifth episode, which nevertheless included some very serious kickers, including Nessbeal and DA Uzi. Just looking at Zkr, absolutely stunned by the performance of his colleague, we understand the level of LIM. Extracted on Twitter, the video has accumulated nearly 5,000 likes.

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