Lomepal explains why there is no feat on “bad order”


A few months after unveiling wrong orderLomepal explained why the album did not include any featuring.

In September, Lomepal unveiled its new opus wrong order. guest on Planet Rap, the singer explained why the latter did not include any collaboration, on 15 titles. “Of course I was aware of the symbol it could haveclaimed Lomepal, who also recounted the shooting of the music video for “Decrescendo” in apnea. But it wasn’t on purpose at all“.

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Lomepal: “I had to do a feat with a guy called Moussa”

In fact, wrong order must have had a guest. “I had to do a featuring with a guy called Moussa. And I hope we do a song together latersaid the author of FLIP. This one works on the album at a still complex period. “After confinement, I withdrew a little into myself. I worked a lot in my studio, at meconfides Lomepal, always on Planet Rap. I wanted to make that record, and it wasn’t natural for me to go looking for strategic featurings at all costs. So the only thing that needed to be done was something more organic. Because Moussa and I work together, we see each other often, etc.“.

But in the future, the rapper is not closed to collaborating again with other artists. “It’s not something I want to quit. On the contraryhe explains. I really want to do lots of songs with lots of peopleconcludes Lomepal, who returned to the way he composed his melodies.

In the rest of the news, Booba publishes an alternative version of a capital piece of “ULTRA”.

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