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Bigflo & Oli unveiled their new clip “I was not there” this Friday. More than that, they are scattering the details of their project on Twitter.

It is becoming clearer for Bigflo & Oli, one month from the deadline. The two artists unveiled this Friday the second single of their project entitled “I was not there”. A fresh, summery clip, with Hispanic color, far from “Sacred brothel” unveiled a month earlier which already has 5 million views. The visual reveals the brothers meeting some of their fans. A sincere and touching reunion, after almost a year and a half of absence, since the release of their documentary on Netflix.

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Bigflo and Oli: “We needed to come back with a project provided”

In addition to this new extract, Oli continues to tease the release of the project on social networks, especially on Twitter. In recent days, the cadet has notably explained the desire to return with a long-format. “Last project in 2018, he indicates. We needed to come back with a project provided”. If he did not say more about the extent of the tracklist, he however revealed that many artists should be there: seven, according to his first forecast.

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Seven collaborations, two singles for a total of twelve versions of their project after pre-orders: Bigflo and Oli are generating great expectations for their return. As a reminder, the name and the cover of their project were defined by the fans: it will be called The other is us and takes on a cover inspired by a painting with a particular story. Their album will be unveiled on June 24 via an event concert at Bercy. Also: Bigflo & Oli: their look-alikes flop but become… the rarest.

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