Love All Anime Play Episode 8 Release Date: Next is Inter-High!


Love All Play Episode 8, release date and time for episode 8
Love All Play Episode 8 Release Date & Detail Time

Episode 8 of Love All Play is set to release in the anime next week, and fans are going crazy about it. Episode 8 of Love All Play will kick off the much awaited Inter-High tournament for badminton players, so what awaits our players? We’ll find out in the next episode.

Although Episode 7 of Love All Play was kind of a quiet wind before the storm raged in Episode 8. If you’re wondering what to expect from Episode 8 of Love all Play and its release date and time, you’ve come to the right place. So before we get into the details of Episode 8 of Love all play, let’s take a look at the synopsis of Episode 7 of Love All Play.

Love All Play Episode 7 Recap

The practice match between Futsuba School and Yokohama Minato High School continues, and our boys sure had a tough time playing with the Futsuba toast. The first half of the episode was about the practice match between the aforementioned high schools. The boys were unsure about the training match with Futsuba’s toast, and it definitely had an effect on their playing. Matches were divided into three types. Two singles and one double with the Yokohama leader.

The match between our main protagonist Mizushima and his opponent was going well until it wasn’t. Mizushima ended up losing the match, however, learning from the player that they don’t add one plus one to two, Mizushima thought about it all day. Meanwhile, one more match between the Yokohama captain and a competitor from Futsuba ended in a loss. To restore Yokohama’s pride, it was up to the powerful duo of Yosa and Yoko.

However, it seemed that they were going through hard times as well. It looks like Yoko has sprained his ankle and couldn’t keep up with the ace Yokohama Yusu. The Futsuba duo began targeting Yoko as the weak link. This infuriated Yuso to take all the match alone, and tied the score with the opponent’s team. This inspired Yoko with even more power, and with him in defense, Yusa and Yoko won the match.

Love All Play Episode 7 screenshot
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Yoko and Yosa gave two reasons to join Yokohama

It turns out that Yusa attended Yokohama High School for one reason, and that was because he was in love with Mizushima’s older sister Rika. Apparently, Rika is the goddess of Yokohama Badminton High School and has helped the team a lot. Mizushima was reluctant to tell the players about his sister, but only Llosa was aware of it. Meanwhile, Yoko’s feet have been checked and he’s all set to play in the Interhigh Tournament.

Although Yoko tells everyone that he is Llosa’s weak link, and that he does everything to be the best defender and player to play with Llosa on an equal footing. While the captain clears up Mizumisha’s concern about not adding one plus one to two by working hard.

Love All Play Episode 8 Release Date

The title of the next episode of Love All Play is Episode 8 “Summer Breeze”. The rise has started, but there seems to be a problem with the team. As the team heads to Kyoto for the tournament, it appears that Mizushima has a cold. Will Mizushima be able to play in the tournament? We’ll have to wait to find out. Love All Play Episode 8 will be released on May 21, 2022. While the loop time will be normal i.e. 5:30 AM JST (Japanese Standard Time).

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Where do you watch the series Love All Play Episode 8? Running details

Episode 8 of Love All Play will be available to international viewers on Crunchy Roll as soon as it is issued. South Asian viewers can watch Ani – One Asia Youtube Channel also.

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