Love All Play Anime Casts Mikako Komatsu as Hana Sakurai – News


Komatsu plays Ryo’s classmate at Yokohama Minato High School

The official Twitter account for the TV anime of Asami Koseki‘s I love all the toys Saturday’s badminton novel revealed that the show had thrown Mikako Komatsu Like Hana Sakurai, Ryo’s classmate at Yokohama Minato High School.

The anime premiered on April 2. Crunchy Roll He broadcasts the anime while it airs in Japan.

Hiroshi Takeuchi (Kurgan the Peacemaker: Faith Storyboard Blade and SoulAnd Zonda Horizon) directs the anime in Nippon Animation And OLM. Tomoko Konbaru (Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 1000%And Nodame CantabileSupervising and writing scripts for serials Miharu Hirami (kudochaAnd The new adventures of Kimba the white lion), Shingo Eri (Everyone is out!!And Kuroko Basketball), And Michiko Yokote (Cute high ground defense club love it!And jinshikenAnd Shirobaku). Rico Kaneda is the design of the characters, and Yuki Hayashi (My hero academyAnd Welcome to the banquet hallAnd shaman king) composes music.

sporting goods maker Unix He supervises anime designs and cooperates with them. Unix With the help of an ex-badminton anime, Hannibad! from 2018.

The story follows Ryō Mizushima, who joins his middle school’s badminton team full of motivation – but without a proper coach, ends up in obscurity. However, he eventually reached the Prefectural Tournament on his physical strength. Now he joins the badminton team at the prestigious Yokohama Minato High School under the guidance of legendary coach Ibihara and is surrounded by his talented teammates. He strives to become a top athlete and takes his high school team to the inter-high school championship.

Poplar’s Pureful First Imprint Published I love all the toys novel in May 2011, and since then Koseki has written three more follow-up novels. The Dam Miyata manga adaptation of the anime was released on April 8.

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