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The cast will perform the featured songs, which will be released on August 24

Kadokawa On Tuesday, she revealed the opening and ending songs for the topic Renmei Kūgun Kōkū Mahō Ongakutai Luminous Magicians (Magic Idols of the Allied Air Force luminous witchesTV anime series. The cast will perform the opening song “WONDERFUL WORLD” and the final song “Watashi to Minna no Uta” (My and Everyone’s Song).

Both singles will be released on August 24th.

The anime will be shown in July. The Anime Production Committee has postponed the anime’s premiere date to 2022 due to “different circumstances”. The anime was previously scheduled to premiere in 2021. Kadokawa An anime project was announced in 2018.

The story is derived from witches strike Franchise, stationed in a unique swarm of “non-fighting wizards”. Instead, the swarm sings and plays music to protect the smiles of those expelled from their hometown by Neuroi.

Anime stars:

Homicani Shimada Draw character designs for new wizards. Credit goes to Shimada and Projekt World Witches for the original work. Shoji Saeki (Episode director and screenwriter for witches strike And witches strike 2He directs the anime and deals with the composition of the series. Shinya Murakami He is credited with “The Witches Series Literature”. Kadokawa Produces music. aperture It drives the series.

The main anime team formed an idol unit in 2019, and the first single CD titled Flying Skyhigh shipped in May 2020. The fourth song was shipped on February 25. The unit held its first live concert on February 20.

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