Matthew Ridley from ‘Married at First Sight’ confirms his new relationship


Married At First Sight star Matthew Ridley has confirmed his new relationship. Professionally, a legal writer is dead and has a life full of happenings. Prior to appearing on the show, he was earlier married to his ex-wife with whom he shared seven years of togetherness. Even his relationship with Kate Ladlow on the show didn’t work out until the end. However, despite rejecting things with the breakup, Matt believed that life was moving forward and that he was destined to fall in love again. guess what? It has now actually happened.

Matthew Ridley has finally found the love of his life and recently confirmed it publicly. With his new relationship, he is making the rounds on the internet. Let’s dig deeper to find out more about Matthew Ridley’s girlfriend.

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Matthew Ridley confirms his new relationship

The Married At First Sight Star, Matt recently appeared on the red carpet with his new sweetheart, White KJ. People started getting to know Matthew Ridley’s girlfriend right after eight months after their season aired.

It was at the Shepherd Center Gala dinner in Sydney that Matt and KJ appeared as a married couple for the first time. When asked how things started, the star confirmed it to the dating app. Furthermore, he added that their first date was more like “We’ve met each other before.” This was because their banter and laughter were real and immediate.

Matthew Ridley's Girlfriend
Matt Ridley with his new girlfriend KJ White

On this note, Matt said, “We share the same values ​​in life regarding family and children’s desire. “Well, he’s not the only one who feels good but KJ does too. She said, ‘”Our relationship is new and exciting, and we are thrilled to get to know each other.” They both seem to be planning things and attending many events together. It’s been a few months since Matt and KJ got together. Best wishes to the lovebirds in the coming days of romance. Hoping that Matt’s relationship with KJ will last forever.

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