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Breaking Down Mayans MC Series Season 4 Episode 7 with Subtitles
Ertugrul Resurrection Season 4 Episode 7

Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 7 sees the Mayas paying Sons of Anarchy for what they did to Auckland Mayans and their brother Coco. Last time on the show, the Mayans had a grieving time over Coco’s death and at the same time arguing with each other. EZ wasn’t willing to trust anyone at the table and Alvarez on his side wasn’t ready to go to war.

In the end, EZ comes up with a plan to avenge the murder of their brother. Alvarez can keep the peace as much as he wants, but EZ looks to a secret plan that will see him take out the Sons of Anarchy. EZ only needed a few people by his side. Angel and Manny joined him as. Now he’s looking forward to implementing that plan in Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 7.

Mayans MC series, season 4, episode 7, with subtitles

Episode 7 of Mayans MC Season 4 begins with Miguel Galindo under attack before moving on to the main plot. EZ, Angel, and Manny have been on watch near a hospital on a mission to avenge Coco’s death. This time around, EZ doesn’t want to go with a detailed plan. Every time he has this kind of plan, somehow he ends up getting lost. So the plan is to enter the hospital where Sons of Anarchy has gathered and take out as many gang members as possible on a higher level.

Events from Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 7
Ertugrul Resurrection Season 4 Episode 7

The trio managed to get into the hospital unnoticed. When they head to the elevator to reach their goals, a whole group of Sons of Anarchy appears inside. The group also includes Terry, the Sons of Anarchy member who started the war in the first place.

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The Maya Trio don’t think twice and shoot the Sons of Anarchy group. We can’t tell who can survive as the Maya look to escape. Unfortunately, they find themselves surrounded by Sons of Anarchy everywhere. The angel impulsively shoots a security guard. A nurse comes to help Gabi. She realized EZ and Angel had no choice but to take her with them.

With Manny causing a distraction, Angel, EZ, and Gabby manage to escape. EZ tried to convince Gabe not to open her mouth. But Gabe says bouncer Angel was her friend, and he needs to pay for it. If Angel is the father, then the children of the guard are also waiting for him. EZ had no choice but to kill Gabby because they did not reach reconciliation.

Resurrection Ertugrul series, season 4, episode 7, with subtitles
Ertugrul Resurrection Season 4 Episode 7

Amid all this, EZ reaches out to Sophia and they both decide to keep their pasts behind. Creeper continues to explore his relationship with Kody as he tells her about his scars. Alvarez tries to make things right for the bishop by inviting him to Diana’s birthday party. He and Diana also try to set Bishop with one of Diana’s friends which ultimately fails.

Coming to Angel, he comes home to see disappointing nails. He tries to make things right with her but he wasn’t there for her when she needed him most. She told him about losing the baby and broke up with him. The episode ends with Adeleta returning with an angel and her child.

Mayans MC 4 Season 4 Episode 7 with subtitles

Mayans MC Season 4 Episode 7 was the fast-paced, action-packed episode we were craving after the premiere. At least for most of the main plot. While Alvarez wasn’t ready for this war, EZ decided to lead his group to plan a successful attack since becoming Santo Padre’s deputy crew chief.

Our thoughts on Maya MC Season 4 Episode 7
Ertugrul Resurrection Season 4 Episode 7

So now we can suggest that EZ has finally proven that he could be the future leader of the Maya. However, these are only the slightest beginnings of a larger war that is about to take place. The full-action main plot was one thing, and the other subplots continued to slowly and steadily develop storylines. But this time around, there’s been a big twist around one of them in the form of Adelita and the Angels Ark.

For most of season four, we see Angel frail and frightened as he is about to become a father again after losing a child with Adelita. In this episode, he faces the same situation but comes a new hope in the form of Adelita. We haven’t seen much of Adelita this season except for the time she gave birth to her baby. Adelita’s reunion with Angel could be the start of a new arc and finally a family for Angel.

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