Médine cites the two artists who impressed him the most in the studio


Passing on The codeMédine took the opportunity to talk about two artists who had impressed him in featuring: Salif and Lino.

In full promotion of his new opus, Medina Franceavailable Friday, May 13, the rapper from Le Havre answered questions from Mehdi Maïzi on The code. Asked by the journalist about the artists who have marked him the most in featuring, Médine returned to his collaborations with Salif and Lino.

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Medina on Salif: “Humanly, artistically, I was impressed”

“Impressed with Salif. Humanly, artistically, I was impressed. The guy doesn’t write the texts, he was kicking four by four in a piece where I had brought together a lot of people, it was called Telephone Arabe and I think it was the first one I had seen. » “Arabic Phone” appears on Listening Table 2released in 2011. The piece brings together Médine and Salif, but also Tunisiano, Martyre, Ol’ Kainry, La Fouine and Keny Arkana. “A humility, a way of being. We miss him badly” says Medina about Salif.

Earlier, the rapper was collaborating with Ärsenik member Lino. In 2005, “Poussière de guerre” was released. During this long interview, Médine returned to this piece. “Lino, I remember, it was in 2005. 2005, in a studio in Paris, and he wasn’t writing. Or at least it didn’t look like it was working.”

The Mystifying Anecdote About Lino’s Writing

The rapper remembers that the author of “Fautes de français” was watching TV. “I think it was a little sado-maso stuff, something like that, a report” says Medina. “And like, he said something like: “Hey they don’t have any parents! They have no parents.” He was laughing with his team and we were all bursting with laughter. We did not see him writing.

But entering the studio, Medina does not hide his surprise. “He comes in and he lands an eight. He cuts the thing. I say, but when did he write? And I didn’t know, actually. And that made it even more magical, more mysterious. I didn’t want to see him write, actually. I wanted to mystify the thing again, I wanted to keep it for a long time. Impressed, the rapper from Le Havre will collaborate again with Lino in 2017, on “Grand Paris”, with Lartiste, Sofiane, Alivor, Seth Gueko, Ninho and Youssoupha. “I know Lino is like that. He’s a guy who has lots of notes on the right, on the left, and who ends up putting them into a puzzle, and that creates an alchemy in the studio. adds Medina.

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