Médine steals the gimmicks of French rappers in his new album


In his title “La France au Rap Français”, Médine is accompanied by many figures of French rap to bring his message to life.

If the new Medina album, Medina France, does not count the slightest featuring, one track in particular displays a hell of a list of credits, with Freeze Corleone, SCH, Ninho or Naps. Indeed, for his title “La France au Rap Français”, the Le Havre rapper has embedded gimmicks from certain well-known artists from the French scene. The chorus, which repeats the title of the piece in a loop, is punctuated with each sentence by a different gimmick. An original and attractive initiative.

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Medina surrounded by Ninho, Niska and Freeze Corleone

In total, they are eight to appear unofficially in the casting of the piece: Freeze Corleone, Naps, SCH, Gazo, Guy2Bezbar, Kalash Criminel, Ninho and Niska. Médine captured only one word each time, associated with the rapper in question “Ekip” for Freeze Corleone, “Okay” for Naps or even “Méchant” for Niska. The opportunity to discreetly list the plurality of French rap, and especially of the new generation (all the artists selected are under 30).

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The song itself hijacks a slogan regularly used to oppose immigration: “France to the French”. For his part, the rapper implies that French rap has taken power and now carries a powerful voice through its various forces present. The piece concentrates most of the subjects evoked in this new project of Medina, which takes on strong political messages. A wink from an elder of French rap, in the service of a background that is still as impeccable and loaded with symbolism. Also: Médine cites the two artists who most impressed him in the studio.

Listen to “La France au Rap Français”.

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