Médine talks about his frustration at never having been a gold record


At the dawn of his project Medina FranceMédine confessed that he felt some frustration that he had never obtained a gold record.

You can be an undeniable pillar of the rap scene for nearly two decades, and have a few shortcomings on your list. And despite his eight albums, the latest of which Medina France will be released this Friday, Médine does not have a single gold record to its credit. The rapper mentioned this pitfall during an interview with Mehdi Maïzi in The code on Apple Music, acknowledging that the lack of distinction generates some frustration. “It tastes bitter ‘a dream that comes true way too late’he acknowledges.

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Medina: “It’s a kind of Grail”

“I always feel like I’m chasing after that medal without ever actually getting it, and so it’s true that there’s a little frustrationhe continues. I would be lying to you if I told you otherwise, I have singles gold but i don’t have certified album in fact, and it’s true that it creates a little frustration”. As listed on the Snep site, guarantor of French certifications, Médine has two distinctions to its credit: “Grand Paris” and “KYLL” are gold singles. None of its projects, however, is certified.

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“It’s part of the recognition in any case in terms of the number that certifies you, indicates Medina. It’s a kind of Grail in fact, in reality. I would be lying to you if I told you otherwise. Attention, I am not obsessed by the trick. I think I haven’t convinced enough people yet, not enoughered still enough people, but it’s becoming that. It will change”. Maybe even his new project, Medina Francewill allow the artist to penetrate this sphere which will couple his immense success of esteem with a more pronounced commercial success.

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