Meet the latest characters from The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2


Shield Hero Rise It is an epic anime starring the underdog protagonist Iwatani Naofumi, one of the four cardinal heroes who have been summoned to defend the kingdom of Melromark from a series of devastating waves of monsters. Naofumi started the story on his own as the hated “Shield Demon,” but that didn’t last long. He soon made many friends during his adventures.

as season 2 of hero shield On high alert, viewers now have more More characters to match than ever before as the cast continues to expand. Here’s a look at the new (and almost new) characters playing a major role in Season 2, including the young Season 1 members who have now joined Team Naofumi in the spotlight.

Richia Everd is the shy charming friend of Naofumi

The green-haired witch Rishia Ivyred appeared briefly late in season one during the naval battle off the coast of Cal Mira, but only now in season two is she a member of Naofumi’s main cast. Reishia is known for her lack of self-esteem and confidence, due in part to her relatively low stats and hero Itsuki’s unkind and discouraging words towards her.

In fact, Itsuki simply expelled Reishia from his party, so she joined forces with Naofumi and took the drastic step of placing a slave emblem on her chest to enhance her power. She also undergoes martial arts training to enhance her ki, and usually wears Phyloli-themed suits to protect her in battle and increase her magic even further.

Elrasla Grilaroc and Eclair have joined the battle against the Spiritual Turtle

Two powerful ladies join Naofumi’s adventure in a faraway kingdom to kill a gigantic soul turtle: Eclair Seaetto and Elrasla Grilaroc. While Elrasla played a minor role in the first season of hero shieldIn Season 2, she becomes a more prominent character as a martial artist who can use her ki to enhance her fighting power.

Then there is Eclair, the right-handed warrior of Queen Merelia Melromarc and guardian of the semi-human city headed by Naofumi. Eclair is ultimately loyal to Merilla, but he is also willing and willing to fight for Naofumi’s cause and support him as much as he can in battle. She has the charisma and leadership skills needed to take command of an entire battalion.

Ust Hori is associated with the spirit turtle

A mysterious woman who introduces herself as Ust Hori joins the team of Naofumi early in Season 2, claiming to resemble the humans familiar to a giant spirit turtle. For many years, her job was to assassinate people and collect their souls to help fuel the Turtle and her mission to protect the world from the waves if the Cardinal’s heroes failed.

Now, however, Ost has changed her heart and strives to protect all people from harm, instead of reaping some to save the rest. Because of this, she wants Naofumi to kill her spirit tortoise master, so much so that she will absorb her essence into her body until her death destroys the tortoise forever.

Kyu two is Naofumi’s newest enemy

Naofumi already has many enemies to manipulate, from the Otherworldly Glass that uses fans to the Spiritual Tortoise. Now a whole new villain has stepped onto the stage: the foul-mouthed conspirator Kyu Two. He uses a book as a dependent weapon and has big plans for a soul turtle, to the point that the scythe-wielding Lark Berg and his friends will call for a truce with Naofumi to eliminate Kyu.

It was not yet clear why Que would want to control the Soul Turtle and steal all those lives for himself, but it was definitely a terrible thing, even terrifying. It might be a threat not only to the kingdom of Melromarc, but also to many other worlds around hero shieldWorld ..

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