Meet the newest X-Men characters from Marvel, Trans Mutant Shela Sexton, Escapade

He debuted in the June issue of Marvel Voices: Pride #1 is a mutant named Shela, aka Escapade. She brings so much to the LGBTQ community.

Over the years, Marvel Comics has demonstrated its support for the LGBTQ+ community in many ways. Acting is one of the things that most faces the future, either through hiring great creators or through the characters in their comics. Most recently, creator Charlie Jane Anders introduced Shela Sexton, also known as Escapade.

Sheila is a mutant superhero who appears for the first time Marvel Voices: Pride #1 in June. In an interview on, Anders Schiele described it as “a complete soccer game with a super-strong sense of justice and a deep loyalty to its friends.” Alongside Escapade in her adventures is her friend, Morgan Red, who is also a transgender, and genetically modified flying turtle named Hibbert.

Artists Ted Brandt and Roe Stein helped bring Sheila to life with incredible designs. Sheila has brown hair with blue at the ends. Her hero costume consists of a yellow jumpsuit, with a blue jacket and matching shoes. It’s a fun and functional design that works well with Shela’s unique and beneficial mutant powers. Her ability allows her to switch circumstances with someone else. For example, Anders cites, if someone had an Escapade, they could quickly reverse conditions. In the blink of an eye, the assailant now feels like he’s facing a gun. This power has many potential applications and pitfalls, but it will be interesting to see how this ability translates into comics.

Anders reveals a lot about Sheila’s relationships with her “chosen family”. Her best friend, Morgan, was there for her when she was first going through her transition. What started as a support soon turned into a close and deep friendship. The two make a great team, with Sheila taking on the errands while Morgan acts as a sort of “man on the chair.”

Because of Shela’s mutant status, they are also part of their community. When it comes to Krakow, Sheila is not a big fan of it. According to Anders, she finds it fishy and doesn’t like the idea of ​​a mutated nation-state. The young hero is not so fond of power over everyone, “She’s not sure if she wants to belong to a nation that will tell her what to do with her life and powers.”

Sheila’s identity as a trans person will allow for representation within the LGBTQ+ community. In her interview with, Anders emphasized that being trans is not a metaphor for being trans and vice versa. She hopes people feel they belong through Sheila’s story.

After her first appearance in Marvel Voices: Pride #1you’ll join the team at Marvel’s new mutants. Hopefully, this helps Escapade avoid the fate of some other strange characters who first appeared only to quickly fade from the spotlight. At the very least, it indicates a commitment to keeping Sheila’s voice present and accessible to fans.

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