MHA quietly revealed the greatest successors to the Pro Hero Duo


Professional champions in My hero academy They are no strangers to cooperation. In their field, especially as the bad guys get more organized, having a partner can make the difference between successfully completing a mission and never coming back. The team of Eraserhead and Present Mic is one of the most popular hero duos in the story. Based on EraserMic’s ongoing activity, these heroes aren’t planning to retire anytime soon – but it’s possible that their successors have been silently chosen.

Eraserhead protection is easily recognizable in Hitoshi Shinso. A former student of the UA General Studies course, Shinso’s Brainwashing Quirk interest and earnest desire to become a hero impressed Eraserhead enough to enter him as a private student. After Shinsou’s impressive display during the Class 1-A and 1-B joint training exercise, he may move on to the Champion Tournament in his next state.

Although Eraserhead and Shinso’s Quirks are different, they have similar destabilizing effects to their opponents’ strategy. Eraserhead’s ability to deflect his opponents’ quirks renders most evasive plans futile, while the fear of falling victim to Shinso’s brainwashing destabilizes the chain of communication between his rivals. Their most obvious similarity is their weapon of choice: a binding cloth they use to aid their movement and to catch bad guys. Thanks to Eraserhead’s tutelage, Shinsou quickly masters his original mentor’s weapon.

Half of the “mic” from the second duo EraserMic is much more accurate, but their identity becomes clear when the character of the current microphone is analyzed. Compared to Eraserhead, not much is known about the UA-appointed Chief of Ceremonies. He is energetic and outspoken and always speaks as if he is addressing a large audience, even when referring to a small group. He is also known as Eraserhead’s best friend; The two have been inseparable since their UA days. Given what we know about him, only Monoma Neito matches Mic’s unique personality

Present Mic and Phantom Thief do not share the Eraserhead and Shinso relationship between mentor and learner, but they are too similar to ignore. Monoma shares Mic’s quirky personality and affinity for dramas. Although his abrasive attitude suspected that he was harboring some evil intentions, Monoma proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he was on the good side. Additionally, Monoma once performed a role that was exclusive to Mic until then. During Tokage Setsuna’s infographic Quirk scene, instead of Mic, it was Monoma who described her Quirk details.

real essence My hero academyEraserMic is a strong friendship between Eraserhead and Present Mic, and although both Monoma and Shinso share similarities with their mentors, they wouldn’t hold much in the duo if they didn’t have a unique dynamic. Both were introduced around the same time and have shared many spotlights ever since, and when they were finally united during joint training, they complemented each other perfectly.

They both seem to get along famously after getting to know each other for only a few moments, knowingly analyzing the quirks and strategies of their classmates and echoing thoughts about each other. They may not be as widely recognized as a duo like the original EraserMic, but Shinso and Monoma have already shown themselves to be an individual and joint force to be reckoned with.

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