Monkey D Dragon is a descendant of the Shandia tribe


Monkey D. Dragon is the direct enemy of actual rule, the greatest threat to them and is considered the most dangerous man in the world.

Dragon’s reasons for his hatred of the government are not explained and are not mentioned yet in the manga. Some believe dragons hate judgment because of the bad things they do – and celestial dragons – from time to time around the world.

If that’s really the only reason, what about pirates? Many pirates are evil to the core and do terrible things in the world of One Piece. Arlong destroys Havoc in East Blue, Crocodile is involved during the events of Alabasta, Blackbeard plunders the Drum Islands, and Doflamingo is one of the worst masterminds in the entire One Piece world…

If the malicious actions by the government were the real reasons behind the Dragon’s hatred of them, why shouldn’t he also hate pirates for doing despicable things as well? Isn’t it because the reasons for the dragon’s hatred of world rule and celestial dragons have deeper roots?

I think his tattoo may be the key to understanding his personal reasons.

I have one question for you: why did the Dragon decide to tattoo his face at one point in his life? Do you think that’s because it makes him look cool? Judging from who he is and how strict/serious/cold-blooded he is, that probably isn’t the case. A tattoo may have a real meaning.

In Chapter O, Oda decided to show us that the Dragon didn’t always have a tattoo on his face. The only moment we see the dragon without a tattoo is before it begins its revolutionary movement. why? Because it is another hint from Oda that his tattoo is important to him. The dragon tattoo is obviously related to his fight against the world government and nobles.

Can we push this assumption even further and guess what this tattoo means?

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