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Video Preview Great Sword, Hammer, Glaive Insect, Hunting Horn

Capcom Four more videos went live on Wednesday previewing the new weapon moves available in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion in Monster Hunter Rise Game.

great sword


glaive insect

fishing horn

The expansion will debut on Switch and PC via steam On June 30.

Players who already own the base Monster Hunter Rise The game can purchase the expansion as DLC. There is also a collection that includes both the base game and the Sunbreak expansion. There is also a game where you get three new amiibos that will unlock in-game outfit combinations.

The base game will get a major update on June 30th in preparation for the new expansion.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak It will have a completely new storyline, with new locations to visit, as well as new gameplay mechanics. It will feature the new Elder Dragon Malzeno and the new Master Rank. The expansion will also bring back Shogun Ceanataur from Monster Hunter 2 Along with many other monsters from previous games in the series including monster hunter 4 Seregios plus two new monsters, Magma Almudron and Aurora Somnacanth.

Monster Hunter Rise Over 8 million copies shipped in both physical and digital sales worldwide. The FranchiseThe company’s games have shipped 78 million cumulative units as of September 30th.

The game was launched on PC via steam On January 12th, the game’s release for PC features 4K resolution, HD textures, higher frame rates, improved keyboard/mouse controls, voice chat, and an Ultra HD display. Also includes all content from nintendo Switch release until November 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise It was launched on Switch in March 2021. The game got a collaboration with Capcom‘s Resurrection of ghosts and orcs Game on October 29 and Sega‘s sonic the hedgehog Franchise On November 26.

The word “Rise” in the title indicates that the hunter uses the verticality of the game environment, as well as the developers’ desire to build enthusiasm with many players around the world. The new Wirebug allows players to complete new moves and climb a variety of vertical locations. New monsters in the game include Magnamalo, Aknosom, Great Izuchi and Tetranodon. New sites include the mausoleum ruins. The base of the game is Kamura village, and the story is characterized by frenzy.

Source: Monster Hunter’ series Youtube Channel via siliconera

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