Moon Knight and Mr. Knight fight the Avengers in the Epic MCU Civil War Edit


The following story contains major spoilers for moon knight Season 1, Episode 6, “Gods and Monsters”, is now streaming on Disney+.

A creative fan sees Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight and Mr. Knight team up with Iron Man to battle Captain America and the Company during the epic airport fight scene from 2016. Captain America: The Civil War.

The mod, created by TortillaDelta13 and shared on Twitter by Multiverse_Kingdom, features Stephen Grant/Mr. Knight is attacked by Black Widow before handing control over to Marc Spector/Moon Knight, who precedes him to face both Falcon and Winter Soldier. The video ends with Steven waking up in bed, just like he’s done so many times all along moon knight Disney + series.

The sixth TV show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, moon knight It premiered in March. The series received generally positive reviews from critics and was nominated in the Best Hero category at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. It stars Isaac as Mark, a mercenary with dissociative identity disorder (DID) who becomes an avatar of the Egyptian moon god Khuncho.

Kevin Feige, president and chief creative officer of Marvel Studios, stated in November 2019 that Moon Knight will be a recurring character in the MCU, eventually making the transition to films. However, since the end of the show, the future moon knight It became much more uncertain. In a recent interview, Isaac revealed that there are no official plans for a second season of moon knight, although the actor has expressed an interest in playing the character again. Still, I would love to be Stephen,” Isaac said. “I just love him. He’s like, physically, it’s so much fun being him. So, you know, if there was a story that really made sense, I’d be happy to be a part of it.”

Likewise, actress Mai Kalmawi who played Laila Al-Fawali / Scarlett Scarab in moon knight, has also stated that she would like to appear in the MCU again. “Well, in this iteration of my life where I am now, I haven’t been in a movie and I’d like to try that,” she said. “a moon knight The movie will be great. Now, if they were open about the Scarlet Scarab, I wouldn’t say no.”

As for the director of the series, Mohamed Diab, he recently shared his plans for how to expand in the world and his characters moon knight If the second season is lit up green. In particular, how Season 2 might explore Mark Spector’s third alternate, Jake Lockley, introduced in the post-credit scene from Episode 6, “Gods and Monsters.” “But I think so, [Jake] It was delivered just in time at the end, knowing that Khuncho was still in control of them,” Diab said.

moon knight Available to stream on Disney+.

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