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“Even if you ignore many of the ‘not aging well’ moments, the speed is horrible.”

Have you ever finally started watching a movie that everyone around you loves and can’t stop talking about, only to find out that it’s not as good as people think?

Yes. Me too. So do a lot of other people. Maybe that’s why there were so many responses to This is amazing Reddit user asks movie fans p/AskRedditWhich movie gets more praise than it should?Here are 27 of the most controversial responses.

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.


frozen. If it wasn’t for one or maybe two songs, I would have completely forgotten about it. The story is very nice by Disney standards.”

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breakfast club. Even if you ignore the many “not aging well” moments, the speed is awful. You’ll have two characters screaming at each other and one crying in one scene, then sneak up on the next scene. Stupid “.

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“This might irritate some people, but Avengers: Endgame. The movie was really boring until the last fight. The travel part has lasted all the time for a very long time. There was also a lot of wasted time, which reduced tension, unlike infinity war Which kept me busy the whole time. Three hours was too long.”


“If I have to stay up all the time Interstellar To save my life, I tell my wife that I love her.”

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A quiet place. Monsters were super-hearing and would rush to kill you from miles away because your game was making noise, but they couldn’t hear you breathing (or your heartbeat) when they were practically next to you? No government has considered testing a range of sound frequencies as weapons against a creature that hunts… with sound? Your son has survived this terrible catastrophe and will see people making noises and slaughtering, but is he intentionally doing something that is very likely to make a noise? Children in war zones learn to hide very quickly when violent militias spread. Then the characters’ answer to this is to have a baby… and the plan is to put him in a box whenever he cries.”

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“Oh, and I might remember that mistake, but I’m sure there were other ways for Dad to distract the monster other than loud suicide. I also found the characters individually to be quite annoying, though the effects and scene composition were actually pretty good.”



Toy Story 4. It wasn’t as good as the others.”

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“It was overkill. Like, I thought we said goodbye to everyone on the third.”



It includes my five favorite movies of all time The Spiritual fatherAnd The godfather part twoAnd the lateAnd real romance. So obviously I love gangster movies. To answer the question: Scarface. This is not good. It’s decent.”

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The Dark Knight. The film is based on Ledger’s (amazing) performance. But what’s left of it is a ton of plot armor, boring sub-plots, and thinly drawn characters like Dent, Dawes, Mayor, and even Gordon. Fixed life ‘choose the right thing or the satisfactory thing’ is poor. It’s boring when you rewatch. And it all sounds like that in Philosophy 101, like the kind of bullshit that angry teens would say to each other while staying up late at night. “

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Batman Begins Miles was better. Original ideas, a really fresh implementation of an origin story, a fun minor villain in The Scarecrow, and a piece of the ultimate action scene. ”

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“I remember when every moody teenager in my neighborhood was obsessed with it 300 As if it were an example of primitivism. I thought it was fun, but I knew guys who watched this movie almost every day. I used up their presence.”

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Spider-Man: There is no room for home He was really elated because all the old characters had come back. But the plot is weak and some of the main characters suddenly became the side characters who did not add anything to the plot. Also, the stories didn’t add up and had a lot of plot holes in it. It was fun to watch but in my opinion it wasn’t as good as it gets.”

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One ready player! Everyone who’s read the book knows that the movie can’t even be called the same thing because they basically took the names from the book and scrapped the rest.”

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tenet. He’s trying so hard to convince the audience that it’s their fault that they can’t keep up with the plot, which actually simply doesn’t make sense.”

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I often see The usual suspects They are discussed in the same framework as the films fight club And The Sixth Sense, in that the twisted ending is clever in the way it changes the second view. In those films, the actions of the other characters have been completely reworked and made more sense upon re-watching. at The usual suspects, all the revelations were made in the last five minutes, and until that moment, the viewer cannot piece the truth together. There are very few classified evidence of what’s really going on and nothing that will make your jaw drop later. It’s still a fun movie, but it’s not as clever and curvy as some people say.”


“Most of Will Ferrell’s comedies are starring. I doubt they get much critical acclaim, but my cast of friends over the years love them. Ferrell is great with more secondary roles.”

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“The star Wars trilogy sequel. The characters are paper thin, and the story is somehow thinner while trying to be unique.”

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incanto. It’s really good but not great. The third act was too hasty and they kind of took advantage of the plot, as it had no human opponent. It could have been better, but in my opinion it was a little short of purpose.”

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taxi driver. I saw it for the first time the other day and hated it. Too boring, and the plot was terrible. I’m sorry, I didn’t understand that at all. I thought I was in for a guaranteed wonderful time.”

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Deadpool 2. The movie itself was good, but failed to capture the lighting in a bottle, as it was no better than the first movie. Russell wrote Child as very annoying, Cable was supposed to get more screen time, the humor was 7/10 at best, and the plot point was questionable.”

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The devil wears a hoodie It’s one of the most boring movies I’ve ever seen, and I Like fashion And American actress Anne Hathaway.


“Old, but I still can’t comprehend the obsession fat. Good choreography and that’s it. Cheesy, awful characters, and a stupid story. Terrible movie.”

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“I tried several times to get in Harry Potter. I grew up when they came out and I couldn’t get into them. I even tried to read books. Not my jam, I think.”

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Napoleon Dynamite. I watched it once and couldn’t understand why it was such a popular movie my whole life.”

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“An unpopular opinion, but no no land. The whole premise of the movie was that a stranger bumped into the main character in passing, holding a festering grudge for months, then one day randomly bumping into him expecting him to remember her, apologize and act like he owed her something. . I’ve only turned a movie halfway through twice, and this was one of the times. I really tried, but the plot was so boring and random I couldn’t finish it. ”

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boyhood. If it isn’t shot over a long period of time, it’s a bad movie that won’t get much praise.”

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“The Mission: Impossible a series. How many impossible missions do they need to complete before the summoning movies start The task is very possible? “

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The The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. It’s at least an hour too long.”

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joker. It’s the most unoriginal and pointless movie I’ve seen. All they did was replay The king of comedy with hints from taxi driver. Joaquin’s acting was great, but the movie and its message were just too shocking.”

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