Movies we managed to shoot before we even knew about them

Liked by many, Richard Linklater’s “Before” trilogy is arguably one of the most realistic and authentic depictions of love (and its everyday remnants after the so-called “happy ending”) in cinema history. But in order for them to come together, the “daze and bewildered” filmmaker had to reunite actors/collaborators Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy in relative secrecy to attempt to recreate the largely spontaneous chemistry created in the 1995 classic “Before Sunrise” and sparked in its follow-up to the year 2000. 2004 entitled “Before Sunset”.

Before 2012, fans were well aware that nine years had passed between ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’, and now another nine years were about to end, so I had a feeling the third part would arrive in 2013. ‘Sunset’ also ended with one heck of a cliffhanger , Like “Baby, you’re going to miss that plane“It became a modern classic in the film’s final lines — and people have spent nearly a decade wondering where the envisioned attempt Jesse and Celine will bid farewell.

In the summer of 2012, Hawk Tell Indiewire that shooting for the sequel would begin soon; His co-star, Delby Refusal a month later. Certainly, in September 2012, the news of the film was officially confirmed by deadline report Which she said “wrapped late last night”.

“It is wonderful to be back together again, this time in beautiful Greece to revisit the lives of Celine and Jesse nine years after Jesse missed his flight,” Linklater, Delby and Hawke said in a statement.

The resulting film, “Before Midnight”, was a critically acclaimed masterpiece and was considered by many to not only be the best film of the trilogy but also offered viewers a very rare opportunity to watch a couple grapple with the daily hard work that ultimately determines whether a marriage will last. Since they were last seen, “Before” fans have learned they’ve become parents to two girls — and have had their ups and downs, constantly returning to the same feuds that threaten to diminish the passion and love audiences fondly remember from the two previous films.

Ultimately, “Midnight” concluded on a mixed note after a devastating fight, with their relationship portrayed feeling more real than ever; 2022 marks nine years since “midnight” — and fans would love nothing more than waking up one morning, surprised by another “wrapped late last night” announcement.

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