Mrs. Marvel Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date: All the Way to Karachi

by Youssef

Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 4 may see the continuation of Kamala’s adventure but now in Karachi. Recently on the show, Kamala finally found out the origin of her power. Kamran’s mother Najma introduced herself and her companions and Kamala’s grandmother Aisha as Jin. In turn, Kamala discovers that she is also a gin. Najma from Kamala wanted to discover her powers using Aisha’s bracelet and find a way to bring these Jinns back to their dimensions.

Kamala needed some time to learn all this new discovery about herself. But Nejmeh was not willing to wait, which made her attack Kamala at her brother’s wedding. When Najma and Kamala held their hands on the bracelet, they saw a train bound for Karachi coming to them in a vision. While Star has been captured by Damage Control, at home, Kamala discovers that Nani has also seen that vision. Now Nani from Kamala wants her to come to Karachi.

Marvel Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date & Spoilers

Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 4 will be released on June 29, 2022. There is no official synopsis for the episode yet. But from what we saw in the previous episode, we may see Kamala travel all the way to Karachi. She needs to make sure she is safe. At least until she discovers how to use her powers to perfection, Nani of Kamala may play an important role in helping her discover these powers.

From Mrs. Marvel S01 E03 (Credits: Disney+)

We also wonder if the star and her co-stars have given up as they might escape from prison to chase Kamala in Karachi. Aside from them, this time around, controlling the damage themselves seemed to be a serious threat that might also pursue him. Finally, how Nakia and Kamala’s family will react to all this is also worth looking into.

Marvel Season 1 Episode 4 Online – Broadcast Details

Mrs. Marvel Season 1 Episode 4 will be available on Disney + at about 3:00 a.m. ET in the US while in the UK at 7 a.m. ET, in Australia at 6 p.m. EST, and in India via Disney+ Hotstar at about 12:30 p.m. EST United. With that, we’re two more episodes away from Ms. Marvel concluding her first season. So expect a new episode to appear every Wednesday after the fourth episode of Ms. Marvel’s first season.

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