My editorial notes Episode 11: Release date and preview


Editing Notes Episode 11
My Editorial Diary Episode 11. cr: Otakukart

By this time, fans and viewers know My Liberation Notes is a drama that despite being “simple” seems to pack a punch. The beauty of Episode 11 of My Liberation Notes lies in the fact that it embraces minimalism so that it looks manageable without overdoing it. This episode gives the siblings due diligence regarding screen time, but also delves into Mr. Joe’s personality. Instead of Mister Gu being a supporting character in the siblings’ lives, he now appears in a light that makes him seem more human. Do we know why Mister Gu is a dead man walking, or are we another replacement for Mi Jeong, only to be pushed away by Mister Gu?

Editorial notes Episode 11 dealing with the character of Mr. Joe. By now, Mister Gu had seen through the eyes of others. There was a lack of true objectivity, which actually hindered Master Gu’s character development. A common complaint many viewers had about my editorial memoir was the fact that Mr. Joe’s character had not developed to its fullest potential, and viewers got what they wanted in episode 11 of my editorial memoir. My Liberation Notes is a drama that seems to grab the viewer’s attention, even if the three siblings look pretty ordinary, unlike other Korean dramas that ultimately rely on fantasy and swoon-worthy moments.

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What do you expect from my editorial diary episode 11?

It seems like Episode 11 of My Liberation Notes dives first, without any warning, into Mr. Gu’s past. Master Gu was such a mysterious character, any viewer could see that he was hiding a lot of pain and misery. He is not superhuman but a man with his past. It seems voyeuristic to us, as a viewer, to see what his life was like before he met the siblings. Mr. Joe feels tired and out of the way the Chairman and his peers have been treated. In a state of exhaustion, he collapsed in front of the phone booth.

Editing Notes Episode 11
Chang Hee was surprised to learn that Gu had Royce. cr: JTBC

We quickly cycle between past and present, and see Mr. Joe stumbling awkwardly across town, drunk. A group of rabid wild dogs seemed to want to attack Mister Jo, but it seemed that only Mi Jeong saved him. He seemed to get rid of her, and in his drunken mist, it seemed that with every misfortune or trouble Mi Jeong could dodge, something greater would come instead. This makes Mr. Gu afraid. But in Hearts of Hearts, Mr. Joo knows that instead of the storm that is about to come, he is more afraid of a woman with sharp instincts, just like Mi Jeong.

Editing Notes Episode 11
Gu takes Mi Jeong on dinner dates. cr: JTBC

In another case, Chang Hee gave free alcohol to Mi Jeong, and Mi Jeong passed the alcohol on to Master Gu. Mi Jeong comes out of her shell, and is able to tell him that she’s not happy. Mr. Gu pushed her away in response. After Mi Jeong left, Master Gu met Mister Baek. Gu reveals to Mr. Baek that he was a zombie in his old life after seeing the men getting drunk and confessing their sins. Gu decides that he needs some time before he can make a decision – to return to his old life and “conquer the world” or plunge into obscurity while continuing to make vats.

Editing Notes Episode 11
Guo Beek threatens in Seoul. cr: JTBC

As this chapter comes to a close, the episode seems to have jumped forward in time. It’s New Year’s Eve, and it’s snowing. When Goo heads outside after supervising the procedures at the casino, he seems to be thinking about Mi Jeong’s statement when she said she only dated fools.

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My Editorial Notes Episode 11 Release Date

My Liberation Notes Episode 11 will release on May 14, 2022, which is a Saturday. My editorial notes are a drama that needs a lot of patience. We are curious to know why the Gu has Royce and why he is drunk, leaving behind a life of brilliance and magic, only to end up in a podunk village only to earn a simple living by repairing ponds. He continued to watch my editorial diary to understand the seriousness of the life Gu he had left behind.

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Watch My Liberation Notes Episode 11 Online – Broadcast Details

My editing notes will be available to international viewers at Netflix. For Korean viewers, they can watch My Liberation Notes Episode 11 on JTBC at 10:30 PM KST. Americans and Canadians can watch the final episode of my editorial diary at 9:30 a.m. Australians can watch the final episode at 11:30 pm, Indians can watch episode 11 of My Liberation Notes at 7 pm, and the British can watch this drama at 2:30 pm.

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