My Editorial Notes Episode 14: Release Date, Summary & Preview


My Editorial Notes Episode 14 Release Date

The interesting episode 14 of Netflix kdrama My Liberation Notes will be out soon. Furthermore, the series follows Lee Min Ki’s three siblings (Beauty is on the inside because this is my first life), Kim Ji Won (Descendants of the sun fought for my way), Lee L (When the devil calls your name, marital chaos)and Son Seok Gu (Designated survivor: 60 days) who plays the mysterious Mr. Joe.

My editorial notes, despite having a star-studded cast, are far from glamorous and glamorous. Moreover, the show is located far from the bustling city of Seoul in the quiet village of Sanpo. The three siblings are trying to break away from their fun, normal life cycle. One day a strange man named Mister Gu entered the village. It wouldn’t take long for Master Gu to join them at the table and also become Yeom Mi Jung’s friend.

Their love story is unlike any other love story you might have seen in a drama. On the one hand, Yeom Mi-jung vowed to free herself by all means. On the other hand, Mr. Joe is too afraid to be truly happy. The drama also highlights the toxic workplace culture through Yeom Mi Jung’s struggles. Her boss keeps insulting her constantly just because she doesn’t come from a glamorous background. He even mocks her for joining the liberation club, where Yom Mi-jung says she wants to break free from boring people. Will Yeom Mi Jung be able to achieve freedom from her boring boss in My Liberation Notes Episode 14? Keep reading to find out!

My Editorial Notes Episode 14 Release Date

The upcoming 14th episode of My Liberation Notes is a much awaited episode. The rude department head of Yeom Mi Jung’s workplace has been on everyone’s target list since his debut. The recently announced design competition gives Yeom Mi Jung a chance to not only figuratively slap him in the face but also land a permanent position in the company.

My Liberation Notes Episode 14 will be released on May 22. During the warm-up period, Mr. Joo told Yeom Mi Jung to move to Seoul and try to live a normal life. Fans wonder if that’s ever the case. Just like Yeom Mi Jung, the audience also found peace in the still village of Sanpo. Will she be able to break free and move on? Find out in My Liberation Notes Episode 14.

My Editorial Notes Episode 14
My edit notes cr: jTBC

Where are you watching episode 14?

A slice of life kdrama, my editorial diary, is officially broadcasting on the South Korean broadcast network jTBC. In addition, my 14th episode will be broadcast at 10:30 PM KST on jTBC on Sunday. Viewers in the United States can watch My Liberation Notes Episode 14 at 9:30 a.m. after its release. Timings are 7:00pm in India, 11:30pm in Australia, 2:30pm in the UK and 9:30am in Canada. Viewers who prefer online streaming can enjoy the drama on Netflix It is available with subtitles in different languages.

Editorial notes Episode 14 Where to watch
My edit notes cr: jTBC

What do you expect from my editorial diary episode 14?

After receiving a visit from the Chairman and an old friend, Mr. Joe finds his steps somehow bringing him back to his old life. It was really sad to see him break once he found out that his hiding place wasn’t a secret anymore. He not only returns to his old job, but also becomes the cause of someone’s death. Mr. Pike, the man who tried to kill Mr. Joe ended up dying in a police chase due to information they received.

Over the course of the series, fans have discovered that the love of Mr. Gu and Yeom Mi Jung has a lot of depth. But will she still be able to love him after learning that he killed someone? Stay tuned for Episode 14 of the Editorial Notes if you want to know.

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