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Chinese drama My Girl has been attracting eyeballs since the time of its release due to its plot and chemistry among the leads. The drama is engaging and the characters will make you laugh, cry and love everyone at the same time. The OST has also gotten attention and fits in well with the story. Now, the characters are going through major changes as secrets threaten to disrupt their relationship. Although some have criticized it for some of its ridiculous logic, as a whole, it’s a beautiful watch. So don’t wait any longer and watch My Girl, which is available on many streaming platforms, as the cast will amaze you.

The progression of the characters is completely normal and does not seem to be derailed. The lovable drama is a light hour and definitely something to watch with binge.

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cast my girl chinese drama

Zhao Yichen She portrayed the role of Shen Yi, the CEO of a cosmetic company, who initially pretended to be Meng Hui’s friend, and eventually fell in love with her. Yi Qin has been part of many projects such as Sweet Sweet Completeness Court Enemies Love Story My Girl Fake Princess Legend of Hao Lan Memory Lost 3 Memory Lost Among several others.

Li Jiaqi He is Meng Hui, whose life has changed after an accident. The Chinese actress made her debut in 2018. She has participated in many projects such as ni zhang, litter to flashing, my girl, wait, my youth, meteor garden, And I Can’t Hug You Season 2among other things.

Fan Chi Shen Like Sui An, Shin Yi’s best friend. He developed a relationship with Wei Lei, Shin Yi’s ex-girlfriend, after her treatment for a nose injury. Zhi Xin made his debut with the Three Lives Three Worlds pillow book”. It has been part of projects like Childe Xie wine, our secret, time flies and you are here, eternal love of dreams, And mountains and oceansamong other things.

He Mi Xuan Like Wei Lei, Meng Hui was a makeup artist when she was part of a show. Although they started off on the wrong foot, Wei Lei started to like Meng Hui, and eventually became best friends. Mei Zuan’s projects were part of Wonderful Time, Good and Evil, Tientsin Mystic 2, Unrequited Love, Hypnotist, Sweet Fighting, For example, but not limited.

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Where do I watch my girl Chinese drama?

You can watch My Girl on Rakuten Vicki The app is free. The drama is also available on Yo Yo Tv and Yo Yo English Channel.

my girl
my girl

Subtitles are available, so you won’t have a problem watching the drama. So grab your popcorn and enjoy My Love.

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Meng Hui’s life was very cruel because she was involved in an accident that left her scars for life. The fallout from the accident was her development of an alternate character, alternating her every now and then. Interestingly enough, she does not remember what her other character went through. Time passed, and Meng Hui dealt with cosmetics. However, the story changed when she announced that she was the girlfriend of Shen Yi, the CEO of the cosmetics company. To not let the situation get out of hand, Shen Yi also played the role. However, she realized she had a cosmetic formula that could fundamentally change the industry. Forced to find him, he plays her boyfriend only to fall in love with her in real life.

my girl
my girl

When both are attracted to each other, the secret may tend to push them apart. Years ago, in the accident that changed Meng Hui’s life path, Shen Yi was not responsible for it. Potential clients stand at the intersection of life, with their only decision bringing the biggest change in their love life.

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