My Hero Academia Chapter 352 spoilers: Shoto defeats Dabi!


My hero academy chapter 352 release date

My Hero Academia will return after a week of delay, and some initial scans for the upcoming Chapter 352 have already been dropped. We expected a massive heat up and a clash of Shoto’s Flashfire fists against Dabby. However, thanks to Shoto, the battle did not end this way. The hot ice hero relies on his mother’s whim and freezes the place. It was the perfect counterattack against Dabi’s firepower. Can he knock some senses into dabi?

Like Midoriya, Shoto tries to lend a hand to his enemy. why not? Regardless of their differences, Dabi is still Shoto’s older brother and another victim of Endeavor’s arrogance. He’s not trying to kill Dabi. Instead, he attempts to revive innocent Toya Todoreki, who has long been lost in the pit of darkness. Here, we bring you the latest chapter update from the My Hero Academia manga.

Chapter 352 of My Hero Academy

Chapter 352 begins with memories of the night before the final showdown when Midoriya was worried about the upcoming Shoto battle with his brother. Shoto regrets that his father will be upset for not keeping his promise. He believes that Dabi is the result of the sins of the Todoroki family, and no one but him can end it. It is a fateful battle that he must not avoid.

Shoto Todoreki’s new move

Back in constant combat, Shoto produces a special type of flame that doesn’t burn anything it touches. The secret to this seemingly impossible technique is to use the frozen Shoto side and the burning side simultaneously. Cold and warm blood circulates in his body, bringing about balance. In simple words, you can call it cold fire. Endeavor always wanted him to lower his internal body temperature by using ice as a coolant, but he ended up doing the exact opposite.

Shoto resists Dabi Flashfire’s fist and counters it with an Ice Burning Blade. It seems that despite being brothers, the Todoroki brothers aren’t anything alike. As Dabi advances to burn Shoto, Shoto remembers how he is not alone in his fight. He thanks his classmate for always supporting him. Although they seemed to be ahead of him, in reality, they were completely by his side. He realizes that he could have turned into a monster like Dabby if his friends weren’t there. After defeating Dabi, Shoto reminds him that there is always a way to turn back no matter how late it is. Retreating by force is always an option, and the only option for Dabi to live a life without regretting his past.

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What do you expect from my hero academy?

The next chapter will continue with “Shoto Talk to Jutsu”, in which he will attempt to resolve their enmity through dialogue. I wouldn’t be surprised if Endeavor showed up and apologized for his past actions. It would be nothing short of a miracle if Dabi was convinced. However, if he tried to rebel or cause more damage, the heroes would have no other choice but to kill him. Meanwhile, Midoriya will appear in the Flying Prison where Shigaraki is currently being held. Given the state in which Shigaraki is living, Midoriya will have to resort to 100% of his “One for All” passion.

Dabi vs Shoto Showdown

My hero academy chapter 352 release date

Chapter 352 of My Hero Academia is slated to release today, May 15, 2022. The manga is gradually moving towards the ultimate showdown between heroes and villains, so don’t miss the chance to watch the new chapters being dropped every Sunday.

Where do you read My Hero Academia Chapter 352?

Chapter 352 of Boku no Hero Academia will be available on many online platforms such as vizmediaAnd mangaplusAnd Shonen Jump’s official app. The last three chapters will be free to read, but you must switch to a paid subscription to access the entire catalog.

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