Nacon has announced the shipment of the new RIG 800 PRO Series Headphones with Multi-Function Dock for Xbox, Playstation and PC


RIG-800-PRO-HEADSET-SERIES - 560x366 Nacon announces shipping of the new RIG 800 PRO Series Headphones with Multi-Function Base Station for Xbox, Playstation and PC

Now available at Best Buy, Walmart, Target, GameStop, and Amazon

What you need to know:

  • NACON, the leader in premium gaming hardware and parent of the gaming audio brand RIG, has announced the shipment of the RIG 800 PRO line of wireless gaming headsets, designed to rewrite the rules of performance, comfort and value.
  • With an all-new multifunction base station, the 800 PRO provides gamers with lag-free wireless connectivity as well as seamless charging. The base station also comes with a removable wireless USB adapter that can be connected directly to the console, allowing the stand to be placed anywhere for convenient charging.
  • Along with the base station, the 800 PRO also features RIG’s signature sound with powerful 40mm drivers finely tuned for 3D sound. Available in two models, the 800 PRO HS is built for PlayStation® while the RIG 800 PRO HX is officially licensed for Xbox® and includes DolbyAtmos® for headphones. Gamers can experience accurate 3D sound simply by connecting the dock or wireless USB adapter to the Xbox console.
  • “We set out to offer a serious upgrade to the popular 800 series with the new PRO version. We added a unique charging base with removable wireless USB adapter while keeping the $149.99 price tag,” This was stated by Jack Reynolds, Head of Development at NACON for RIG. “The new 800 PRO series gives gamers the audio performance they need to improve, compete, and win at an incredible price.”
  • The RIG 800 PRO Available now in the US for $149.99. The ARIG 800 PROHD, which is a PC aversion, is slated to release in the US later in 2022. Watch the trailer here: RIG 800 PRO Series | Premium wireless headphone with base station – YouTube
  • RIG 800 PRO Features:

  • CHARGE ANYWHERE: The new multifunctional base station lets you easily dock and charge your headset.
  • Unleash 3D Sound: Access Dolby Atmos® for headphones instantly when you connect your wireless adapter or base station to your Xbox®.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Similar to its predecessor, the RIG 800 PRO has lag-free wireless audio of up to 24 hours with a secure connection to your console.
  • Wireless Excellence: Up to 30 feet/10 meters of wireless range with a dedicated 2.4GHz wireless frequency.
  • Excellent sound: 40mm, high sensitivity drivers with low frequency resonators enhance the base and reduce distortion.
  • RIG Signature Style and Comfort: The RIG 800 PRO features a RIG signature self-adjusting head strap with small, medium or large sizes allowing for the perfect fit every time, and a flexible, durable, virtually unbreakable headphone frame.
  • Fan-favorite: Noise-cancelling microphone with face-mute function for focused gaming.
  • On the headphone controls: on-ear volume, game/chat balance, microphone monitoring controls.
  • StayFocused: Sound-isolating ear cups block out noise and keep you focused.
  • For more information on the RIG 800 PRO, visit: 800 Series PRO | gaming platform

Source: official press release

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