Nana Osaki vs. Nana Komatsu: Who is worse?

While many believe it is uncommon for the shoujo series to address mature issues with well-developed realistic characters, Ai Yazawa’s Nana Fingering the line between shojo and josei, it stands out as one of the few series that has been able to offer a serious and mature subject matter to readers and viewers. Since receiving the Shogakukan Manga Award in 2002, Nana It hasn’t lost anything of its popularity – in fact, after more than a decade, it still stands Nana It lies in its realistic and charming characters, making its audience feel as if they are falling in love for the first time. The show features a wide variety of characters with strong backgrounds.

Nana It follows the story of two young women with the same name who decide to move to Tokyo for various reasons. Nana Osaki wants to become a professional musician and make it big, while Nana Komatsu wants to be close to her boyfriend without depending on him financially. The two nana are sitting next to each other on the train to Tokyo and eventually share an apartment. Despite being polar opposites, the two women forge a unique, unbreakable bond that is constantly tested. Understandably, it is the back stories of Nana Komatsu, or Hachi, and Nana Osaki that are discussed in detail. Let’s see which one has a more complex, painful and poignant backstory.

Nana Komatsu is a naive and hopeless romantic

Nana Komatsu was born as a middle child into a happy, tumultuous family in a small town surrounded by mountains. Growing up, she didn’t have to worry about things like food or money. At the age of sixteen, she began attending a girls’ school, where she met her best friend Junko. Beginning with her art teacher Mr. Okamoto, Nana has had many admirers throughout her high school career – video store clerk Nakamura, Mr. Kawasaki who works as a chef in a restaurant, and a pizza delivery boy named Yoshida.

As a result of her habit of falling in love at first sight, she was immediately attracted to twenty-nine-year-old Takashi Asano, whom she met in a movie theater. As if the age gap wasn’t bad enough, it turns out that Asano a married man. Nana’s desire for love and affection leads to an affair that lasts several months. As a young girl who has been exploited – both sexually and emotionally – Nana tries to overcome this trauma that she disguises as heartbreak for years. Later, I met Shoji – a person who is not like the others. He eventually became her boyfriend, but moved to Tokyo to study at university. Wanting to stand on her own two feet and be closer to Shoji, Nana also decides to move to Tokyo.

Nana Osaki is a punk rock musician with a tender heart

Unlike Nana Komatsu, Nana Osaki did not have a warm family life. Nana’s mother left her in the care of her grandmother to be with another man when she was only four years old. Her grandmother was a strict and ruthless woman, never supporting her emotionally or financially. Nana never allowed her to wear pink and red clothes because she thought those “girlish” colors were meant to seduce men. While Nana was in high school, she was falsely accused of prostitution and was expelled. She did not resist the charges because she did not have the strength, and considered this an opportunity to work and earn some money.

After her grandmother’s death, the first thing Nana did was buy herself a red dress. Putting on the dress, she went to a concert with her friend Nobu, where he met Brin – the love of her life. Soon they started a band called the Black Stones or Blast with dreams of making it big. A year later, Rin tells Nana that he plans to move to Tokyo because he was offered to play guitar for a popular band known as The Trapnest.

Nana knew she could go with him, however, her pride wouldn’t let her sit at home and wait for Rin while her fantasy lived. Although they were very much in love, they decided to end their relationship, believing that the long distance is pointless. Two years after Rin left, Nana buys herself a one-way ticket to Tokyo to become a professional musician.

Who is worse: Nana Komatsu or Nana Osaki?

Both Nanas have two completely different personalities; However, with their trauma and abandonment issues, they also have a lot in common. Despite having deep wounds in their hearts, these two strong women managed to support each other—even if they lost a few battles along the way.

In the end, Nana Osaki has it worse than Nana Komatsu. Despite their struggles, Nana Komatsu always has a best friend and a loving family, while Nana Osaki has felt lonely for most of her life. Nana never knew her father, her mother abandoned her, she lost her grandmother, she had no one to communicate with, reveal her soul or even hug – until she met Bryn.

However, just when she got used to the idea of ​​relying on someone other than herself, Rin abandoned her. Of course, Nana knew she could choose to go with her, but that meant becoming a housewife and putting her dreams aside – something she could never do. However, both Nanas are gorgeous young women who persevere despite their difficulties. Yazawa’s realistic depiction of timeless and human characters creates touching backgrounds Nana Very strong.

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