Neofilms to open Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko Film in Hong Kong on May 26 – News


Hong Kong film distributor Neofilms announced on Sunday that it will open its doors Luck favors Mrs. NikokoAnd Studio 4°Canime movie for Kanako Nishi‘s Gyoko no Nikoko Chan Novel (Nicoko from Fishing Harbor), in Hong Kong on May 26.

The film opened in Japan in June 2021.

Ayumu Watanabe (sea ​​childrenAnd space brothers) the face of the anime in Studio 4°C. Satomi Oshima (Hataraki man) wrote the script. Kenichi Konishi (sea ​​childrenAnd A good librarian is like a good shepherdHe was the character designer and chief animation director. Sanma Akashiya (Santa Claus Tsukamaita! Screenwriter and original creator) plan and produce the film. ASMIK Ace distributed the movie.

10 years Kurumi Inagaki lead a GreeN– Produced the cover of “Image no Uta”, the veteran singer-songwriter’s debut single. Takuru YoshidaLike the movie song. GreeN He performed the ending song of the movie “Taketin”.

The film won the award for “Axis: The .”. Satoshi Kon Excellence in Animation Award “as a special tribute to the 25th of Montreal International Fantasia Film Festival in August 2021, and also won the KOSCAS President’s Award in the Special Awards category at the 23rd Bucheon International Animation Festival (BIAF) in October 2021. In addition, the film won the Scottish Loves Animation Festival jury award In October 2021.

Gintosha The original novel was published in April 2014. “Human Drama” is about a mother named Nikoko and her daughter Kikoko, who live on a boat. The novel traces their paths in life and growth. The novels contain more than 350,000 copies in print.

Source: Neofilms’ Facebook page

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