New future crimes poster sparks David Cronenberg’s vision


The Crimes of the Future poster offers a harrowing look at David Cronenberg’s latest foray into body horror, and fans are excited for his return.

Canadian director David Cronenberg is set to return to the big screen very soon with his new flick future crimes. Every detail of this movie has piqued the curiosity of fans around the world, and now there’s a new piece in the puzzle.

Film previews so far show Cronenberg doing what he does best: some very strange and potentially thought-provoking physical horror. Combine that with a very high-level staff, and people will take care of that. Especially horror fans craving something a little gross.

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Several trailers and images have been released from the movie so far, which paint a very detailed account of what is happening. future crimes will focus on. With that being said, it also looks like a movie that will surprise its audience. Cronenberg himself said he wouldn’t be surprised if the audience pulled out of his film in the first five minutes due to its annoying nature. However, he appears to be wearing this as a badge of honour. Now, a strange poster has been released that may make theater-goers a little uncomfortable, apparently showing Viggo Mortensen open with tentacles sticking out of his stomach. The amount of red texture and flesh is surely reminiscent of the inside of the body. As shocking as it may sound, this kind of artwork is exactly what can be expected given the plot that the movie was released for.

future crimes Not at all related to Cronenberg’s previous movie of the same name. Stars: Mortensen, Lea Seydoux, and twilight Alum Kristen Stewart. Mortensen plays a performance artist who, along with his partner (Sido), displays the strange transformation of his body for all to see. Stewart’s character tracks their movements through the National Register of Members, and a secretive group with activist intent is exposed.

The kind of films and images seen so far seem to be the crux of Cronenberg. Known for its controversial body horror with social messages like the flyAnd ExistinAnd VideodromeAnd future crimes It will undoubtedly fit into his movies. In an age where body horror is lacking in comparison to the more subtle aspects of the genre, fans of all things hideous are excited.

Previously, the director called his latest picture “Reflection on Human Evolution”. It also leaves a long-time fans suggestion, stating that future crimes It also represents an evolution in his work and that there will be references and Easter eggs related to his previous films.

future crimes It will be shown in US theaters on June 3, 2022.

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