New Straw Hat Pirates Awards after Wano – ranked


I think at the end of the Wano arc, Luffy’s reward will be even greater than the current Kaido and Big Mom’s rewards. Apparently, the Five Elders are deeply afraid of Luffy’s potential and have even ordered CP0, the highest agency in the World Government, to get rid of Luffy during his fight with Kaido, due to the risk of him winning and disrupting the balance of power in the world.

This fear was so great that they were all too willing to anger Kaido and sacrifice one of their top agents in the process. One of the main reasons they fear Luffy is the true nature of the Devil Fruit’s power, which when awakened, will give him the “most ridiculous power in the world”.

I think the credit for hitting Kaido and Big Mom will be split between him, Kid and Law. Luffy will get the lion’s share of the credit, as he defeated Kaido alone and it’s likely that Big News Morgans will claim that Kid and Lou are working for Luffy, but I think Kid and Law’s rewards will also be subject to a massive increase since they defeat Big Mom together.

My guesses are:

  • Nico Robin. Always the biggest threat to Robin is from the World Government, as they have hunted her down ruthlessly since the age of eight. The insistence of the World Government and its view of it as a threat would not cease even after a certain period of time had passed, as during the raid on Onigashima, the World Government sent several ships to Wano, openly to annex Wano under the World Government, but secretly obtaining a second order for its agents who They get there with Robin’s capture, and they still view her as a threat to the government and the secrets they’re trying to erase from the world. This is later seen in action, when some CP0 agents chase Robin and Brock into the castle, and Robin wonders why CP0 is in Wano and isn’t aware that she’s still a thorn in the government’s eye. I could see Robin get something silly like 1.5 billion Reward.
  • visit: 1.4 billion. He is the right hand of the current Fifth Emperor. He defeated the strongest leader of Kaido. I can see him getting a little higher reward than King.
  • Sanji: 1.35 billion. A little lower than Zoro, a little higher than the Queen.
  • yamato: 1000000000. That’s just a guess, and it’s absurdly high for a first grant, but depending on what Yamato does or how widespread this knowledge is, I can see her getting highly rewarded for being the daughter of an emperor and the most powerful creature, betraying that the Emperor would join the Straw Hats if that’s what finally happen.

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