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. official website Nighthead 20411992’s new live-action TV anime night head Drama series, the cast, staff, and debut on July 1st for the project’s theatrical run were revealed on Tuesday. The play will run from July 1-10 at the J. Russo Theater in Tokyo.

Rion Kaku He directs the play, with a screenplay written by Oi Tsukimori. The cast includes:

  • Hiroki Ino and Akira Kajimoto as Naoto Kirihara (double cast)
  • Ryūgi Yokota and Natsuki Osaki as Naoya Kirihara (dual crew)
  • Shunta Sono and Rui Kihara as Takuya Kuroki (double cast)
  • Hiroki Sana and Masaki Yabe as Yuya Kuroki (double cast)
  • Rikko Nakayama and Saki Kiwi as Shuchko Futami (double cast)
  • Haruna Ikobo Like Kimi Kobayashi
  • Rikko Sugahara Like Rika Moto
  • Kiki Ohara as Michio Sunizaki
  • Saki Tatino as Yui Akiyama
  • Takashi Sasaki as Daisuke Honda
  • Ryūnosuke Kawai as Kyōjirō Mikuriya
  • Hiro Yumi as Akiko Okuhara

Includes cast Tomoki Tsukadaand Seiya Shirasaki, Tatsuya Ogasawara, Shunya Sasaki, Keita Kanno, Ayumu Murakami, Erina sawa, and Azusa Yoshihama.

The anime premiered in July 2021. Crunchy Roll Stream the anime as it was broadcast in Japan.

George Idathe original live action director night head Drama, New Anime Books. Takamitsu Hirakawa (EtotamaAnd revisions) the face of the anime in Shirogumi. Oh! Great (or Ito Ogure, the original creator of Air gearAnd Tingo Tingartist for Bakemonogatari manga) designed the characters, Kenichiro Tomiyasu (INEI) concept art drawing, and Yutaka Yamada (Tokyo Ghoul) composing music. slow curve He was responsible for planning and production.

Who-ya Extended Performing the opening song “Icy Ivy”.

The original live series revolves around two psychiatric brothers, Naoto and Naoya Kirihara, who are on the run because the world is oppressing them. The new anime introduces a new pair of brothers, Takuya and Yūya Kuroki, who are part of the National Security Force and are tracking down the Kirihara brothers.

live action night head A TV drama that aired from 1992 to 1993. The series inspired 24 episodes Knight Head Genesis Anime series in 2006, which was also modified in 2007. Media blasters Anime released, and Del Rey published manga.

The new anime gets a manga, novel, and stage show. The manga was released in April 2021 in KodanshaYanMaga website. Beginner manga creator Ki Ogawa Draw manga. The third volume of the combined manga book shipped on April 20th. night head Live series screenwriter George Ida The novel was written in collaboration with Kawato Azusa. The first volume of the novel appeared in August 2021, and the second volume was released in September 2021.

sources: Nighthead 2041 anime websiteAnd Comedy Natalie

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