Nobutero Yuki, Raita Kazama, Domerica, a more revealing project TriTri Action RPG – News


The staff will reveal the full title of the game on Thursday

A website opened on Friday to announce a new RPG with the tentative title TriTri . Project. The website raises the actual title of the game is TRI —- TRI —- With some missing characters. The game will be released for nintendo converts, Play Station 4 and Play Station 5.

Three Rings is developing the game. escaplon character designer Nobutero Yuki Designs “worldview visuals” for the game, and Puzzle and dragons And Xenoblade The characters are designed by Raita Kazama. Octopate Traveler And Bravely the second default Yura Kubota is responsible for the script. mana secret composer Hiroki Kikuta He composes music. domica Advance animation for the game.

The site also credits the character designers Atsuko NishidaAnd Tomohiro KitakaziAnd Megumi Mizutani from Pokemon A privilege named “—–Designers.”

site too links to a PDF document titled “Confidential” containing information on the game’s character designs and storylines. The documents say the game will be released in the second quarter of 2022, but notes that this likely means the second fiscal quarter, which means the July-September time frame.

The PDF highlights that the game’s goal is to “revive a classic ’90s RPG” with feelings of “discovery, excitement, euphoria, and tension”. The game can have 1-3 players.

The site will reveal the game’s official title on Thursday at 11:00 AM JST (Wednesday 10:00 PM EST).

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