Oda predicted the coming of Fifi and Sabo in Wano!


I beg you to bear with me for a second. I will do my best to make this fun to read. Chapter 955 ends on the morning of the Onigashima raid. Chapter 956 begins on the same day, with Garp pouring the beans on what happened at Levely.

We know that on the same day because of this painting:

Later in the chapter, the clock goes back a bit and we find ourselves at Morgan’s. There we found out 4 things that happened: the Shichibukai system is officially abolished, there is also an obituary, an assassination attempt and the Alabasta Incident. Depending on the people affected by the news, 3 characters can die: Sabo, Vivi or Cobra.

Let’s first ignore the easiest one, Sabo. Sabo is the easiest way to get rid of them, thanks to Blackbeard’s reaction to the news.

In the anime, it is translated a little differently …

Take what? You might ask… The Mera Mera no Mi, Blackbeard has been searching for Devil Fruits all this time.

If Sabo dies in Mary Geoise, Blackbeard will have no chance of getting it. It would most likely be in the hands of the World Government now. Besides, it would be very stupid to do a full flashback and offer Sabo, only to kill him without Luffy being able to do anything.

Now that Blackbeard has chased after him, just as he set himself up to chase Ace, this only heightens the tension in Luffy’s fight with him for really well! This is something Oda will do.

Now… two people left from Alabasta, plus an assassination attempt and an obituary.

If we suppose that one was assassinated while the other was attempted, the narrative proceeds the way Garp tells the story: he received a report of one incident relating to the Kingdom of Alabasta.

So… who died? In chapter 908 we learn that the Five Wise Men asked Emma to name “the light” that must be extinguished from history…

It was his image or poison carry him to the throne?

The assassination attempt was made by Goroseki on Vivi. Probably with the help of Cypher Police (Rob Lucci and CP-0 were in Mary Geoise for Levely). Lucci is extremely loyal to Celestial Dragons.

This can also be attempted with the help of Kuma, this would tie the stories together. But I find it hard to believe due to the fact that Coma was hired by Charles’s father, now a slave of the Celestial Dragon.

I guess when they tried to assassinate Fifi and turn off the light, Cobra protected her and she died.

Somehow, Sabo was blamed for Cobra’s murder. We know that Cipher Pol can hide their faces to look like other people.

But it was possible that when the assassination attempt occurred, Sabu intervened, protected Fifi, and was found with CP0, next to Cobra’s body. Immediately blamed for Cobra’s death by witnesses who did not believe CP0 would kill a king.

If this happens, the information the government was trying to manipulate is the involvement of Cipher Pol. Maybe they were just trying to make Morgan shut up about their presence on the scene. It would be hard to hide the fact that someone like Cobra had died.

Anyway, that’s really bad for Sabo. Blaming Cobra’s murder, brings him the same consequences as the attempted assassination of Tenupreto. The Nefertari family is one of the twenty founding families.

This means that he will be tracked down and chased by at least an admiral, and Blackbeard joins in this pursuit.

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