Oda’s original straw hat crew concept


at One Piece Green: Secret Pieces An early concept for the crew was revealed. There are no changes in particular in Luffy, Zoro, and Nami except for a few small changes; Like Zorro carrying a sake bottle around his waist, he wears a dark shirt instead of a white shirt, and Nami’s skirt is slightly wavy instead of straight cut.

  1. Sanji was supposed to have a fairly thick beard from the start.
  2. Usopp was supposed to be a deputy captain/sniper who looked more like his father.
  3. Chopper was meant to be a “realistic looking reindeer”.
  4. Brook was also supposed to have a Cavalier hat, rather than his Afro brand.
  5. The leftmost character is called “Shipbuilder”. He was supposed to be the shipbuilder and he was replaced by Frankie.
  6. The second from the left is titled “Plant/Plant”. He was supposed to be a plant-obsessed character who was replaced by Nico Robin and largely incorporated into the post Timeskip Ussop.

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