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marvel She introduced her latest release of Young Avenger to the MCU in America, Chavez. Played by Xochitl Gomez, Chavez debuted Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness, where her fate is an integral part of the plot. As a heroine who is able to travel in the multiverse, she is very valuable to Wanda Maximov’s desire to be reunited with her children.

However, fans of comics have known the value of America Chavez for many years. Since her debut in 2011, Chavez has quickly become one of the most powerful young Avengers in the Marvel universe. While MCU fans have known little about Chavez, these 10 facts about him are well known to avid comic book fans.

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10 America has an older sister

America Chavez was born in an alternate dimension of the main reality of the MCU (designated 616). Her home is known as the utopian parallel in the comics. at The multiverse of madnessIn the Utopian Parallel, fans get a sneak peek into Chavez’s childhood, but some comic book readers might notice one thing missing.

This one thing is Catalina, the sister of America Chavez. In the comics, Catalina is separated from America when they are children and is experienced. Over the years, she has developed powers like her sister’s, though Catalina’s abilities include shooting lightning bolts rather than America’s dangerous power to manipulate reality.

9 America had a painful childhood

A brief look at America’s childhood The multiverse of madness It explains a lot about her character. During the first time she used her powers, America accidentally lost her mothers in a star-shaped portal. Since then, America has attempted to travel to multiple universes in search of its missing parents.

This is in keeping with the backstory of America in the comics, albeit with some missing details. America’s parents were microbiologists working to treat their children for a genetic disease known as edge syndrome. In the end, the disease began to heal for America, causing its superpower to emerge as a result.

8 America Makes It…America

In the end, America tries to save herself and her sister from the experiences of Mr. Gallis, a billionaire who worked with their mothers. Unfortunately, America loses Catalina in the escape, and her sister remains captive in Galis. America finds itself lost at sea, and eventually washes up on the shores of New York.

Suffering from amnesia, America was taken over by the Santana family, who raised her as one of their own. It wasn’t until three years later that memories of America were recovered. Unfortunately, the Santanas family assumes this is a coping mechanism for their trauma, and ends up sending America to a child psychologist to break the imagination.

7 America becomes a guard

It was a shock to Santanas and Doctor America when she finally proved to them that she was telling the truth by flying. And as soon as their powers re-emerge, America puts them to good use as a vigilante around Washington Heights. This leads to a dispute between her and her adoptive parents, who demand that she keep her low.

However, this time period finds America learning how to become a champion. Her initial fights were with petty and petty criminals around the New York City area. However, it won’t be long until America is enlisted to endow her fighting abilities with much higher stakes as she wears the superhero title “Mrs. America”.

6 Mrs. America joins the teenage brigade

The first team that America had to be a part of was the Teen Brigade. This group of teenagers was started by Richard Jones, a former assistant to heroes such as Captain America and Bruce Banner. This team has become a close confidant of the Avengers, although they are usually only called upon to help in larger conflicts.

With the Teen Brigade, Chavez’s America quickly earned a reputation for its strength and confidence. Eventually I became a co-leader of the group along with a teenage hero known as the Ultimate Nullifier. During her time with the group, she was at odds with villains like Kid Loki and Doctor Doom.

5 America protects Wanda Maximov’s son

Some comic book lovers may find it ironic that in The multiverse of madnessWanda’s goal is to kill America and harness its power. Of course, that makes sense for Wanda’s arc in the MCU, but in the comics, America is likely to be a close ally of the Scarlet Witch. This is because America, at one point, saved the life of its son, Wikan.

America travels to Earth-212, where she once again met Kid Loki. Loki tries to convince America to kill Wiccan, but she refuses and fights Loki instead. She and Wicca later become allies after she rescues Wiccan, Loki, and the Hulkling from the resurrected Laufey. This later became a lucky decision for America.

4 America helps find the young Avengers

In the end, America, Wicca, Loki, and Hulkling became members of Young Avengers. Among the heroes who have joined them are Kate Bishop, Speed ​​(Wiccan’s twin brother) and Elijah Bradley. Early on, the Young Avengers battle a multidimensional parasite known as “Mother,” who disguises himself as an ordinary adult woman.

Ultimately, the Young Avengers end up in Mother’s Dimension, where they face off against her allies: a different version of the Young Avengers. However, it turns out that this team isn’t real, it’s just a manifestation of Kid Loki’s guilt. However, America and the young Avengers are saved after they kill the mother Wicca.

3 Ms. Team America’s Future

America Chavez would go on to become a valuable team player for many squadrons of superheroes. I kept fighting with the Young Avengers from time to time, especially helping them against the guards. However, America also became a member of a supergroup known as A-Force along with sister Grimm and female Loki.

The A-Force consisted primarily of female heroines, often led by She-Hulk, although they occasionally welcomed people like Steve Rogers or Luke Cage. However, America’s time with A-Force ended after she violated one of Battleworld’s greatest laws, causing her to be imprisoned in Shield.

2 America makes some super friends

During its adventures joining many supergroups, America makes a lot of allies across the multiverse. While imprisoned at The Shield, she befriended Lady Katherine, a different Robin Hood-esque version of Kate Bishop from Earth-311. Together, the two become members of a team called Hel-Rangers with Benjamin Grimm, The Thing.

America later found herself working with Monica Rambo as a member of the Ultimates. Along with heroes such as Carol Danvers, Tishala, and Blue Marvel, they encounter the devastating character known as Galactus. America also stayed close to the original Kate Bishop, which encouraged her to break away from her mentor Clint Barton.

1 America joins the second civil war

Mrs. America is one of the many heroes featured in the “Civil War II” comic book arc. There, the Ultimates helped prevent an attack from Thanos that had been anticipated by an inhuman named Ulysses Cain. Unfortunately, the encounter with Thanos led to the death of James Rhodes, aka War Machine.

After the deaths of a few of her teammates, Monica encouraged America not to blame herself. Later, after Clint Barton kills Bruce Banner, America and the Young Avengers watch anxiously at Clint’s trial, bringing relief to a tense Kate Bishop. In the end, the Ultimates joined forces with Captain Marvel and helped her fight the Inhumans.

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