Osamu Tezuka’s Alabaster manga gets a musical – News


The play takes place in Tokyo and Osaka in June and July

Osamu TezukaManga suspense revenge alabaster She gets a theatrical musical that will take place at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater from June 25 to July 3 and at the Umeda Art Theater in Osaka on July 10.

The cast includes (from left to right, starting with the top row):

  • Hironobu Mihara (LE VELVETS) as alabaster
  • Keita Froya (leading) as General
  • Ryoma Baba as Shikara
  • Yusuke Yata like a rock
  • Akan Leaf as Hiromi Ozawa
  • Mayo Suzukazi As Ami

The play is directed and written by Kо̄ichi Ogita. Kinsuke Okumura composes the music.

North American publisher Digital Manga has successfully funded a file Kickstarter To translate and publish the two volumes alabaster manga in 2015.

Digital Manga describes the story:

James Block was a famous athlete, now a notorious villain, seeking revenge on all things “beautiful”. After being arrested and convicted for assaulting his girlfriend who offended his appearance, he meets a mad scientist in prison who tells him of his “F laser” that can turn any carbon-based organism invisible. When James finishes his prison term, he finds an “F Laser” and points it at himself, but an incomplete laser beam leaves him disfigured and only his skin invisible. In a fierce vengeful outburst, he took the nickname alabaster He is joined by Amy, the granddaughter of a scientist who performed experiments on his pregnant daughter and left Ami completely invisible. Together they did several robberies, but Amy’s innocence could cause it alabasterDropp off …

“I alabaster…I’m sure you’ve heard what kind of guy I am. “
“You can understand my pain.”

Tezuka launched the manga with Akita Shoten‘s Shōnen Weekly Champion magazine in December 1970. The manga ended in June 1971.

source: Comedy Natalie

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