Our last fans lose it to this delicate bloody effect

Fans of The Last of Us can’t get past this highly accurate disguise of Ellie – so accurate, in fact, that many debated whether or not it was a screenshot.

cosplayer recreated a snapshot of the last of us The second part Well, fans of the game have been left dumbfounded by the accuracy and stunned to realize that it’s not a screenshot.

muezzin and the last of us Fans Sandra Miller posted the photo on her Twitter account and she was quickly overwhelmed by stunned fans who commented on the photo. Dressed as Ellie, Miller stands at the ready with a shotgun, ready to shoot. The masquerade is called “Talk”. Referring to the scene being recreated, when Ellie is captured by the Rattlers and escapes while chasing Abby for Santa Barbara.

Most fans expressed amazement at the accuracy of the shot, though some noted that Ellie seemed indifferent to the killing act in the game, while the recreation portrays her with a fierce look. Miller explained her choice in the photo, and shared a screenshot of the scene in question. “You’re right,” she said, “you look so emotionless when you’re killing the guy.” “It gives me goosebumps…but when she first makes him speak, she brushes her eyebrows, which I tried to recreate.”

the last of us It is an action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony. The game sees the United States plagued by zombie-like creatures in a post-apocalyptic world, as scattered survivors struggle to adapt. Synopsis: Joel, a smuggler, and Ellie, a teenager, are tasked with transporting her across the country while facing many horrors. Players must use hidden weapons, improvised weapons, and firearms to confront hostile humans and cannibal-like zombie-like creatures infected with a strange fungus. at Our last part 2Ellie seeks revenge on a mysterious woman named Abby.

Recently rumors point to a 2013 remake the last of us for current generation systems plus a multiplayer option for Our last part 2. Multiplayer option to Our last part 2 It has been rumored to be in the works for some time, though not much is known about the project. In January, prominent video game leaker Tom Henderson revealed both the last of us Remake and multiplayer mode for The second part It was almost complete, according to multiple sources.

Those interested in exploring Ellie’s story can find both the last of us And Our last part 2 on PlayStation 4.

Source: Twitter

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