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Friday the 13th. And today, it brings good luck. We take stock of the releases of the week, between big singles and solid projects.

Medina – Medina France

A little over a year later Grand Medinathe rapper from Le Havre unveils his eighth album today: Medina France. An eighth album that looks like him, addressing just as well the socio-political state of France, his Algerian roots or his city and his family. Despite everything, through the fourteen pieces of Medina France, the rapper takes risks and tries things. And it is often successful. A project that is good for French rap!

Amine Farsi- FARSI

He is surely one of the most talented beatmakers of the moment. Few can claim to make the 808 resonate so much and make the snares aggressive. Amine Farsi balances his project today FARSI. On the program: five pieces and five guests. LE RISQUE, Freeze Corleone, Fresh laDouille, Ashe 22 and DA Uzi all answered the producer’s call. A successful project in which the productions are remarkable, offering five over-vitamined and explosive performances.

Ydane- KANDA 2

KANDA 2 is not a project like the others. Conceived as the reflection of a video game, each title takes on its importance, plunging us one after the other into Ydane’s universe, to the rhythm of his experiments. 11 pieces and 11 atmospheres constituting a project that deserves special attention. The crush of the week.

Veust – “First Class” (feat. Alpha Wann)

Veust and Alpha Wann, episode 3. After “trapchat” and “Le Film”, the two kickers team up once again for “Première Classe”. On a dynamic production signed Dojo The Plug, Veust and Alpha respond blow for blow in each of their verses. A successful single, to be placed directly in the many astonishing performances of the Don in 2022. As for Veust, he still seems in good shape, and nothing can please us more.

Gazo – “CELINE 3X”

Gazo is back. After a bunch of verses scattered on the right, on the left for different collaborations, Gazo puts the feats on hold for the time of “CELINE 3X”. What to say except that the phenomenon does not seem ready to stop. Nardey and Scar Rec offer a phenomenal instrumental, containing a sample of Indila (!) and the rapper takes care of the rest. Sharp verses and unexpected melodies in the chorus, Gazo is the guarantor: the French drill is doing well.

Maydo – “Sleep Aid” (feat. Anys)

Before the release ofAtlas scheduled for May 20, Maydo offers a last extract after having spoiled us throughout these last months. “Somnifère” with Anys is therefore the last single. And as usual, the Bordeaux rapper delivers an energetic performance, tempered by the sweet melodies of Anys. See you next week to discover the eight pieces that make up Atlas.

Ziak – “You Know”

Ziak does not seem satisfied. So the bandana-wearing rapper does it again, taking up everything that made the success ofAkimbo. A jewel of production from Focus Beatz, a dark clip and above all a still surprising way of approaching the instrumental. After “In the rules”, “You Know” is the second song that has been released since Akimbo. And we can’t wait to see where it all takes us.

HIBA – “five bottles”

After the much noticed What the Moon owes the SunHIBA is about to unveil the new EP sedentary music. Scheduled for June 17, this new 10-track project is partially unveiled today with “five bottles”. Musical piece at will, as often with HIBA, accompanied by a superb clip and tinged with a touch of humor, it lays the foundations of what should be sedentary music. We look forward !

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