Parkour across a deserted Tokyo in a bubble!


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Bubble might sound like a silly name for a movie, but when we heard that this animated movie was directed by WIT Studio… you know we didn’t care about the title. Furthermore, with a story written by General Orobuchi – best known for his work on Fate/Zero, Phantom of Inferno and Puella Magi Madoka Magica to name a few – and directed by Tetsuro Araki – Death Note and the first three seasons of Attack on Titan – our antennas took off Right here at Honey’s Anime! That’s why when Bubble finally launched on Netflix thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures, we stopped what we were doing and went to watch it with our eyes glued to the screens. Was Bubble what we were hoping for or did our bubbles burst? Let’s find out in our Bubble review!

This is definitely the story of General Orobuchi

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Bubble might have a seemingly innocent name for a movie, but those who know the works of General Urobuchi should know his penance for making some dark/bittersweet stories even when they’re trying to trick their audience. Bubble is no exception as it bleeds parkour with a dark romance – similar to The Little Mermaid – and some supernatural themes for good. These genres merging together always made us guess what would happen next in Bubble and made the movie so engaging and captivating. The parkour game played in Bubble looks like a missed opportunity – we only see it happen twice in the roughly two-hour runtime – but overall we were quite satisfied with Bubble and how it was played.

A soundtrack worth getting lost in

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Animated films can fail if the soundtrack does not match the rhythm of the story and the rhythm of the suspenseful moments. You don’t have to worry about Bubble since they have some legendary creators behind the OST. It was opened by Eve and the soundtrack is handled by Hiroyuki Sawano, the legend behind the soundtracks for Attack on Titan and many other anime series, which ends up being the perfect duo for this movie. The ending song is also unforgettable, Riria’s song. Bubble is a movie that has to be given a musical score for being so powerful and flawlessly fitting in the whole movie. If and when the OST reaches the West, we will buy it without hesitation! Yes, guys, this is awesome!

Those bubbles look so real

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Can WIT Studio Make Bad Looking Anime? This was the first question before we started Bubble and in the end, we realized that no way was really possible. While Bubble may not be the most impressive animator ever, they do have some captivating moments that really show off their skills as an animation studio. From character models to scenes where the focus is on parkour – especially when Uta and Hibiki are running through the sky – Bubble can honestly blow you away. We’ve never seen a particular scene or moment where Bubble didn’t look amazing, which is why we’re convinced that WIT Studio will never disappoint when it comes to making quality anime, whether they’re making an anime movie like Bubble or a series.

Mostly cast into oblivion

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If Bubble had any major flaw it would be with her core team that can be somewhat forgettable. It pains us that Bubble mostly has some interesting characters and we loved that one of Bubble’s parkour veterans is actually disabled – which is refreshing and helpful – but most of the cast are just there aimlessly. Hibiki and Uta steal the show as the most skilled runners and their plight is the main focus of the latter half of the film, but the others at Bubble feel they are fodder to ensure the two central characters are highlighted. Perhaps if Bubble had been an animated series or a longer movie for other characters and their back stories could have been fleshed out more but most of them don’t do much to be generic characters in this interesting story.

last thoughts

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The bubble is likely to leave viewers with a mixed bag of emotions. While it’s not a perfect anime movie and has some rather weak elements, we came out watching Bubble with a huge feeling that anime movies rarely get us. Bubble is a movie that we recommend watching at least once because it might have enough to be an experience you’ll be talking about with friends and anime fans for a while. Have you already watched Bubble or are planning now after reading our review? Comment below to let us know! We have tons of anime comments and articles that can be found in our main parkour cell here at Honey’s Anime!

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