Persona series character designer paints supporting portrait for voice actor Billy Kamitz – Benefit


The Character The original character designer for the game series Shiginori Sujima wish Actor’s voice Billy Camitz Well in his ongoing battle against stage 4 colon cancer. the official atleast West Twitter account subscriber A picture of the character Kametz Takuto Maruki from Persona 5 Royal With the text liking “Wishings to get well soon!”

atleast Team West wrote in a tweet, “Please join us in wishing our dear friend BillyKametz” a recovery soon! With this special artwork dedicated to him by Soejima-san. We all root for your recovery, Dr. Maruki! [juice box emoji]”

The tweet included a link to Kametz’s GoFundMe campaign. The campaign’s initial goal was $100,000 for travel, insurance costs, uninsured medical bills, and everyday necessities. The campaign reached its first goal on May 1, and its second goal of $150,000 on Tuesday. Supporters have made more than 2,500 donations to the cause.

Kamitz revealed his diagnosis Youtube Last month. He stated that he felt pain in his left shoulder blade. After he had trouble going to the bathroom and keeping food down, he went to the doctor and had a CT scan. Kamitz began chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Kametz will be taking a break from his voiceover work, and will be replaced by other voice actors in any current and ongoing roles. He will return to Pennsylvania to be with his family. He stated that he would open a mailbox for those who wanted to send anything to him after he moved.

Kametz’s voice roles include Josuke in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Unbreakable DiamondsNaofumi in Shield Hero RiseGallo in promirIts white blood cells Cells in action!and narrated in it Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

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