PLK raps on a flying car for their “ENNA” tour


PLK started their ENNA tour in Lille and captivated with an aerial performance, sitting in a car.

Two years later, PLK sets out to conquer France. The Parisian rapper has started his tour for his album ENNA, initially scheduled for 2020. And it was Lille who took on the task of hosting PLK for this first event date. And obviously, the artist did not skimp on the means and even made the buzz with a fantastic performance above the stage.

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PLK: “It was incredible”

In addition, the rapper flew in a car, attached by four cables, overlooking the crowd. We see him rapping his text at the wheel of the vehicle, flocked in the colors of Poland, his country of origin. Which had also inspired his first album, Polak. The performance, captured by Internet users, is spectacular.

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From now on, PLK and his racing car will cross France to finally honor ENNA and its reissue, ENNA Boost, published immediately after. The rapper has been waiting for many months to be able to defend his titles on stage, forced by the health crisis. He sincerely thanked his Lille fans this Saturday: “I don’t even have the words, it was incredible”. Also: Nekfeu: his return becomes clearer with a new explicit image.

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