PNL evokes the hypothesis of a next album at the Accor Arena


On stage for their third Bercy, PNL did not announce a new album. But they did evoke the hypothesis in half-words.

Rumors were rife when the penultimate date of the PNL tour. This weekend, the Two Brothers are on a run of 4 Bercy in a row. And as the penultimate date approached, Thursday, May 26, some whispers began to be heard about a potential announcement from the duo. A new album? Who would come out by surprise at the end of the concert? Some got caught up in the game and saw the hope grow. In the end, nothing happened. Or almost.

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Adomo: “We’ll see»

Yes almost. Because PNL has cast doubt. As the crowd chanted “An album, an album», This did not escape the duo. Ademo’s response:We’ll see“. If it remains light enough, it is enough to raise the excitement around a potential new release of the Two Brothers. After all, it can only be a reference to the chorus of “Hasta La Vista”. Simple innocent sentence or real clue? The future will tell us.

Especially since there is still a concert to give in Bercy before the tour is complete. Without counting the dates in Lyon and Nice which could not be carried out. The timing would therefore have been strange for an announcement. On this Friday, May 27, maybe PNL will step up a gear by announcing something. But the duo can just as easily leave the scene by continuing to maintain the mystery as to the rest of their discography.

In the rest of the news, after 10 years of silence, Diam’s delivers in an unpublished interview.

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